Saturday, October 13, 2012

Holds you in place .. all day!

Maybe not all advertisements in the 60's were subliminal?!?

I had saved this advertisement while I was looking for print ads to mock up or modify during one of the issues of the Haven Quarterly .. probably Issue #3.

I think I gave it to Steffie as a filler if she needed it. I thought it was fine on its own without any Photoshopping at all.

But I bet there are many of you out there that say, "but Dee, I could make it SOOO much better, by either rewriting the ad copy, OR making a new one entirely, but in the style of the 60's fashion magazines!"

Well, here you go! This is your chance!

Just download this and have at it!

Just try not to stare into the seductive eyes of the model .. probably some nice guy in a suit at one point .. and don't gaze at those luscious lips, begging to smother you in kisses, cooing in your ear that YOU would love to look like her, wouldn't you?

Its forward of her to ask that, right? I mean, you would NEVER think of wearing such a daring sequin gown like him, um her, .. slit half way up to the side of her hip, almost giving you a peek of her garters, would you?

Don't just stand there, help her unzip the back of that slinky gown! Is she taking it off to show you her lingerie underneath .. or is it to get YOU to try it on for her?

You will do anything she asks at this point, won't you? You had a chance to escape her clutches, but a temptress like this one knows what you want, and is willing to give it to you.

All you have to do .. is ask nicely!

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  1. A great find. Works as a caption on its own unchanged. Can you recommend a good facial cream ?