Sunday, April 6, 2014

Deal of a Lifetime .. or Deal of a Lifestyle?!?

Is the choice really that hard? Everyone's got a price!

Made this caption the other day for Ashlee (Totalditz) on the Haven. It really is much more expensive to be a girl than a teenage boy. Couple pairs of jeans, couple pairs of T shirts, a week's worth of underwear and socks, and a pair of sneakers and you are good to go! Its no wonder they spend most of their allowance on video games, junk food, and video games.

So with that in mind, I had the idea for this caption brewing in my head for awhile, but really hadn't pulled the trigger until I found this picture. It really had everything I needed to whip it up finally and some time to get it just right. Something about the model told me that this was the threshold from being a tomboy to really starting to embrace the femininity that was trying to work its way out.

I also wanted to get the logic right as you wouldn't think that most boys would go along with it unless there was an ulterior motive .. money and lots of access to pretty girls would do it I think .. and then once he was in, he had to be committed to keeping up with it, no matter what. I'm sure from time to time the mom had to keep after her, but I'm sure Mommy was up for the challenge considering the devious idea in the first place!

It really is a fallacy that women aren't competitive, its that they don't think most of what boys fight over is worth it. I can imagine that the pecking order of any set of girls is in the realm of the whole "Game of Thrones" social skullduggery. Hell, I've seen it between my daughter and those you'd think were her best friends. So how do you rise throughout the ranks? By being the most girl you can be .. and underwhelming in the boob area can definitely keep you on the outside looking in. Another area would be having a really cool (and older?) boyfriend so it looks like Ashlee is looking for that boost, though maybe she doesn't quite realize it yet!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I didn't accomplish quite as much as I wanted, but it was a very ambitious list I had set up for us. We even did a bit of karaoke with my daughter after she got out of work (another new job!) before heading home tonight. I am planning on doing some more captioning this week, with some photos already in a caption setting, and I have a number of half completed work ready to be pondered over and posted too.


  1. I learned the hard way about the costs of being a girl!!! Once I decided to go for it it took most of the money I had saved up for a car!!!! I mean I went full on and got lots of beautiful things but the funny thing is that after a couple of weeks they were just more of the same old same old!
    I also way underestimated the time involved in prettying myself up!!! No more just running a comb through my hair and heading for the door!!!!
    But all in all it's definitely all been worth it!!!!

  2. I may have to stop by Gamestop on the way home from work and meet this Damien guy. I heard he's really dreamy.

  3. Cute cap Dee!

    I completely agree that girls are just as competitive, if not moreso, than boys. The big difference is that boys (men) are overtly competitive, while girls (women) cover it up in smiles, lies, and subterfuge.

  4. Lovely cap, at least he has some cost efficiency, he doesn't have to go back and forth between male and female.

    Having a few sisters and no brothers, I know very well how competitive girls are. It wasn't always fun, growing up.
    In hindsight however it is very beneficial in my job, knowing this, and knowing how to avoid the traps laid out. It is even fun to watch if a rooster enters the hen house. Their cocky behaviour leaves them in no time at the bottom of the pecking order.