Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweets to the Sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day!

.. and if not, you are allowed to shove an arrow straight up Cupid's ass!

Not much to say, but it is definitely a full moon out there. All sorts of mechanical stuff has been acting up all day and giving me a fit! Luckily once I finally got home, I was able to relax a bit until the GF got home from work, and we had a pretty good dinner together followed by a romantic shopping for another snow storm weekend .. Yay?!? I think we are officially sick of snow storms, and we have another one breezing through on Saturday to give us another 4-8 inches plus more on Tuesday. If you are tired of hearing me bitch, give me the keys to an SUV and I'll shut up pronto!

The caption was made back in 2009 and was perhaps an early attempt at the "somewhat oblivious" captions that I like so much, although its probably more of a "hangover" to end all hangovers! I've made quite a few of those throughout the years, and I guess it could be a tribute to the undiagnosed alcoholism I wandered my way thought the 1990's LOL

Now that this is posted, I am going to head offline for a bit, since it *IS* Valentine's Day, in the immortal words of Mr Green ..

.. and after that, I think we're going to watch the movie .. even though she's not my wife!


  1. Cute oblivo/hangoverio cap!

    Maybe I'm just that stereotypical grumpy single person, but I've always disliked Hallmark... er... Valentine's Day. But I am glad that you got to celebrate your love with more winter storm shopping as I DO love Winter. I heard in a recent report that this was the best winter that Detroit has seen in 60+ years... I'm sure it was just a typo when they called it the WORST winter in that timeframe!

  2. Nazareth what a blast from the past might push the old vinyl out tomorrow. As you might know one snow flake brings the whole of the UK to a standstill I still love it though.

  3. Fun caption.
    Hmm, Cupid didn't like the arrow up his ass. I don't believe I have any favours to expect next year.
    I was more in the mood for Nazareth's "Love hurts," being alone and all that.

    Over here we have one of the warmest winters ever noted. *Calculating Celsius to Fahrenheit* 50 degrees at the moment. It's not uncommon to be ice skating outside on natural formed ice this time of year.