Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stop and Smell the ..Yeah, You Know!

Kinda hard when everything is encased in 2 inches of ice .. but the sentiment is there!

Made this one for Wendy, who is kind of a crunchy granola nature lover, and I thought this would go well with that. Pretty much what she said "before" the change is exactly how I feel about flowers given for any occasion, especially Valentine's Day, which is coming up this Friday. Why give them something that is going to die in a week, no matter how well you take care of them, If you bought someone a hamster and it died a week later, you'd be pretty pissed, right? SO, you see something beautiful, and your thought is to chop it down and hand it to someone to let them know you are thinking about them? Give them a live plant of donate money to keep the rain forests moist or something much more responsible than handing them a plant carcass!

I also wondered, what is the difference between a weed and whatever is supposed to be there? I mean, they both grew in the ground and took nourishment .. who are we to decide which one is useful and which one is a parasite? I mean, if we just choose a wife based on looks, people would be all, "Damn, you are SOOO shallow!" but when it comes to gardens, its the flashy supermodel plants that are on display .. primped and sprayed and trimmed into perfection! Give me the plants with character and determination to succeed and use their innate abilities to thrive in hostile environments!

And speaking of no shrinking violets ... if you have a daughter, try not to be on her boyfriend's side in an argument! The best thing you can say is, "well, each of you has some compelling ideas, and perhaps you should work it out between you." which is what I think I will say next time I am asked for my opinion .. which I should've recognized right away as, "tell me I am right, Daddy!" but in a moment of weakness I told the truth. I might as well told her that her thighs looked big in those jeans!

I need to make some new captions again! The blog has caught up to my production!


  1. Weeds are the only thing that seem to thrive in my garden. I think I am cursed with brown fingers not green.

  2. Lovely caption.
    Except for cacti and succulent plants I'm not very good with plants. Hmm... Plant carcass, a fun but inaccurate description :D The part chopped of the plant would actually be the plants genitalia. the plant itself survives, usually that is, and grows them back. Now that would be a hoot if *we* could do that, even better if we could grow the parts we desire.
    Whether or nor something is a weed is probably depends what a piece of land is cultivated for. Roses in a cornfield could be considered weed. Corn in a rose garden as well.