Sunday, February 16, 2014

Can You Read the Writing on the Wall?

Its amazing how quickly Pop Culture regurgitates itself!

Wow, I made this one almost 5 years ago. Hard to believe I've been doing this for awhile now. I look at my older work and can still remember many things about where my head was at when I created it.

On this caption I made for SweetCyns8ion, I was playing around with warping text, and I thought the source picture would be a good way to practice. I wanted it bent because most people would NOT have perfect handwriting in a straight line upon a wall, and I wanted it to LOOK realistic, with some ink smears etc. I deliberately let the top be cut off to make it seem like whoever was taking the picture was just a bit off in their centering. Hopefully using some of these tricks gave it a bit more depth than it probably should have had.

Its been five years and apparently the go-to cuties for teens were Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson. That is like a million years ago in Pop Culture land!

Tomorrow is President's Day, and it is a long weekend for many people in the USA. Hopefully you have the day off and can enjoy a relatively snow free day before more gets dumped on you! The above is a favorite of mine and I view it every year around this time, and think of Petra. You can see the original write-up HERE from two years ago.

Unfortunately, many of her best captions disappeared into the void when an server error happened and wiped out about 2 years worth of captions, which the provider didn't happen to back up even though they were supposed to do so. However, I figured I would show off one that I thought was quite fun and shows our humor very well.

We definitely had fun with this one. Steffie replied to this with:
 Put on your best dress Petra dear...we're goin out tonight...dinner at Dick and DeeDee Dirkle's...I'm really lookin forward to it. I hear that DeeDee is some cook! Maybe afterward we'll all play a few hands of bridge.
Jillisa made mention that she had seen the same source photo a day before:
That's weird...I saw that JUST YESTERDAY in my Internet surfing.

Petra, I wonder if you and I may have some of the same blog (and branched-from-blog) habits. (But that's all I'll say.)
... and I of course had to chip in as well!
I also saw that picture yesterday while perusing the internet, and my main thought was, "What the HELL is this doing on a lesbian albino porn site?!?" Now I know where Pea gets all her caption ideas!!
 Those were the days! Now you don't have to wonder where I get my case of the sillies from when I break out something truly ludicrous and wacky. I learned it from Pea and Steffie and Courtney .. well that, or they are the ones that brought out my natural snarkiness. Either way, I'm glad they did!.

Ok, be honest. How many people just KNEW I'd be posting THIS song today? Show of hands?


  1. Dear Dee,

    Happy President's Day! I don't think I've heard that song. Excellent choice. And no, I did not see that coming. How lucky I would be to be transported back in time and become a loving, pleasing housewife. Truly!



    1. I guess we don't have a lot of They Might Be Giants fans floating around the blog then! They actually wrote the song as an experiment to see if putting boring facts to a somewhat catchy song would help people remember it.I like to think it works, mostly because he was such a boring president that ANYTHING you can remember had to be there due to the song!

  2. Fun caps, memories and song Dee. I always enjoy seeing early experimental caps. It's funny as it seems that people experiment a lot early on, but most often find a style that fits them and then stay more or less with that design.

    I didn't quite see this song coming. I though you'd use some song from The Presidents Of The United States Of America. Happy President's Day!

    1. Yeah, I don't often stray too far now from what I've really become locked into, but will occasionally break out sometimes if the mood arises.

      I almost chose to put "Lump" up as a video too but perhaps I'll save that for another day!

  3. I cant imagine having a prime ministers day here in the UK. We do have guy Fawkes night though. He tried to blow up parliament . Go figure ?