Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just Relax and Grab a Drink!

There's something we need to talk about Sweetie.

Whipped this up a week or two ago and I guess its what you could call a vignette, where its a small encapsulation of an overall story that isn't tied to a person and isn't made as a trade. I saw the photo and what I wrote down is pretty much what it said to me. I was trying to somewhat distill the queasy moments in my stomach I get when I read another true story involving Leeanne and her cheerleader.

I can only imagine the feelings that wash over you if you ended up in this situation. I bet that every single emotion you've ever had hits you right in the gut as you try to figure out exactly what has happened and what is going to happen. I mean, I am sure that most sissies kind of "want" to be caught, but in the right way, with a loving, caring spouse that understands and gives them the exact support they need. However, there is a definite reason WHY they haven't opened up to anyone other than those anonymous souls on the internet .. why they haven't shared something so ingrained into their personality with the very person they think is a soul mate. When the spouse does find out, are they more opposed to the actual idea of all of it, or that they were left out of the loop as this huge momentous secret?

The protagonist is probably the person we'd all like to be .. ready to put all his chips into the kitty and go all in. I like to think that the way I set this up that he does cash out with a bracelet! For most of us though, we are still hanging on in that closet .. which isn't too bad though because its got all our secret stash .. ready to break out at a moment's notice when the timing is just right. Oh no! Is that the sound of a key in the front door??

If its gonna be cold outside, why can't it just be cold! I am never going to get my body acclimated to any one weather pattern if its 70 degrees out one day and 40 the next!


  1. Great post Dee,
    we all do struggle with the wish and risk of sharing our fantasy and desire.
    Always wondering will we be accepted or ridiculed or even chastised.
    always a struggle

  2. Nice vignette Dee! I'd imagine that this really hits home with many of us as we all would fear/anticipate/dread/love that moment. Like Rhonda said, it's a mixture of feelings as we would be paying for that moment with the status quo. Deep down we know that nothing in this world is all good and nothing in this world is all bad. We'd just be trading in the known good/bad for the unknown good/bad.

  3. I agree with Rhonda and Caitlyn, you hit home with this one for everybody in the community, from the one who only likes to read about this, to the one who want's to become who they are on the inside.
    Simply the thought of opening up to someone else is very scary. The thought of being found out and confronted with it. Yeah, I dread it, and I hope for it.

  4. The anxiety driven by knowing there is a feminine creature lurking inside of your male body that is dying to be exposed to the light of day is a lingering weight. When the woman (or a woman I'd imagine) you love shows signs of accepting your alter ego and permits her to show her face, the weight lifted is indescribable. Of course, a new weight is added in its place as now you must be willing to actually show your feminine side and that can be (often is) deeply embarrassing and sometimes humiliating as you realize that your feminine side will never be the same as a natural woman. So yeah, this caption strikes a chord. I can still remember the day my cheerleader wrote me the note in my lunch bag telling me she was willing to give it a try making love with me dressed, if I was willing. I was thrilled, but even more, I was scared to death. Luckily for me, I put on the heels.