Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nonchalantly waiting for help in the park!

Is there such a thing as a generation gap?

Don't have much time to chat here. I wasn't able to post last night as we got back quite late. Had to travel 300 miles round trip on Saturday to help out the GF's mom as she had just gotten out of the hospital. We attempted to do a bit of a med eval on her .. the VNA was also there when we arrived looking to do an intake on her. We took her out to eat then for some food shopping. I don't think she's honestly had food in that house for a few weeks as there wasn't much in her fridge or freezer. We actually feel better about her health now that we saw her, though she looked really gaunt.

Anyway, I made this caption for Commentator about a week ago, but hadn't had time to polish it until a few minutes ago. I JUST posted it to her trading folder. I'll be interested to see where it gets more comments, here or at the Haven.

When I came up with the idea, I wasn't sure how many people other than Dawn WOULD want to receive a caption like this. Its straight up cross-dressing, along with being out in public, some humiliation, and exposure to family members. Not exactly fitting most people's preferences I would imagine, but I thought that if anyone would appreciate it, Dawn would be that person since she's fond of dialog that sounds realistic. I think the whole caption itself is quite grounded in reality, other than perhaps the model being much too young to have a 18-19 year old daughter. Then again, I have one of those and I'm still quite youthful .. just not quite THAT HOT in a LBD and hose!


Since I've JUST posted this, feel free to comment on it. Like I said up above, I'm curious to see which spot gives me more comments. I'd also like to hear people's thoughts on it because its a bit out of my usual comfort zone and I'm not sure if I've stretched this more than most people are willing to want to see in a TG caption. Let me know either way!


  1. Good to see your GF's mom is out of the hospital.
    I'm not familiar with the abbreviation "VMA", and Google isn't much of a help for me in this case either. It insists pointing me to Dutch sites, even after I changed it to search in English only. From the context I get it is what we here call "Thuiszorg," nurses who visit people at home to help them wash, dress, take their medicine, so people can live longer in their own home, instead of having to move to a nursing home.

    Great caption, I can imagine a teen would react to the cross dressing of her father that way, even if she accepts her father dressing up.
    Had a classmate who got his GF pregnant when he was 18, an 18 year old daughter would put him in his mid thirties. I know several women in their mid thirties who look as good as your model. It works for me.

    I feel the urge to put on a LBD, and start doing "the Time Warp". Pity "Shock Therapy" wasn't more of a success, but you gave me a good reason to watch it again.

    1. Its actually V.N.A. which stands for Visiting Nurses Association (or 'of America') and as you did understand, they come to visit as needed to make sure people are taking their meds, doing physical therapy, or things that you mentioned .. for people that are somewhat independent but need some help. It lessens the burden on Nursing Homes and gives people hope, which is oftentimes what is needed.

      I agree. There is an actress who was on "Big Comfy Couch" named Alyson Court .. she also does the voice of the lead in "Resident Evil" games and cartoons and she is just about 40 and LOOKS like she is in her mid 20's. Amazing!

  2. Dee, I think this is a fine cap. My only concern was the one you raised... it was hard to believe that the model in the pic had an 18 year old daughter and it caused just a moment of confusion (I wondered if the girl in the photo WAS the daughter). Other than that though, I think having a straight up cross dressing cap involving humiliation and family (so long as it's not incest) is great!

    Glad to hear that your GF's mom is home. Most people heal far better at home as they can finally relax.

  3. As the recipient of the cap in question Dee is right. I love virtually any well written caption and great dialog is a big plus. It's fun to be open to new and different situations, to imagine how you'd react in them. I'm sure a lot of readers might be uncomfortable but sometimes you have to work past the discomfort to discover the humor of the situation and the built in logic. You know my wife might be a cougar - after all remember it's me the husband there in the dress not the wife and the daughter might be from a previous marriage and that might even make the dialog seem more reasonable. Often it's what's unsaid that makes the caption work. The reader fills in the blanks like I just did. iI's the way a cap becomes a full blown story without pages of writing. So sit back and enjoy.

    1. You don't have to convince me! I always try to let my captions breathe!