Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Makeovers Aren't Cheap .. Ya Know?

Who truly wins a bet like this?

Well, I was trying to put a twist on a caption style that has been around for quite some time, and probably done to perfection by Brittany Shagwell. It goes along with another thought that I've had for quite some time, that we seem to always strive to put guys into the most feminine outfits we can find .. still knowing that women nowadays probably where less dresses and hosiery than any generation that has lived before. Society demands less effort from them, so they certainly take advantage of the laxity, only wearing dresses when they feel like it, for comfort or for maximum sex appeal.

So, as for the idea, originally I had thought of a dare with the whole, "I bet you that I could make you look so much like a woman that your friends wouldn't recognize you!" and the reply from the other person was, "You're on! But you CAN'T dress me in any pink colors and no skirts or dresses! No high heels either, only a sensible shoe!" Then she completely wins the bet within his parameters.

These two pictures from a whole set are what originally inspired the idea many years ago, I just hadn't really thought about it in quite some time. I came across the picture I used for the caption, and it worked within Jenni Starshine's preferences with latex, and it jogged the long dormant storyline in my head. Of course, it always works better with a twist, and what better way to do that then by the way that cross dressers have been HOPING to get caught or "FORCED" into it. Luckily, this time it actually worked out for everyone! Perhaps Dee will get a further cut of the profits in future weeks?


  1. a great caption with a clever twist at the end.
    I do think that most captions have a very male view of female attire and lifestyle, I do wonder what sometimes what genetic females make of all this.
    never mind it floats my boat.

  2. Brilliantly done.
    I agree, Britney/Steffiemariechen did these kind of captions to perfection. I'd love to hear from her, just knowing how she's doing these days would be great.