Thursday, August 29, 2013

If I Had a Good Mind, I'd ...

Posting 3 days in a row ... how novel!

Wanted to post once more before the weekend. I managed to get everything done at work and am now taking a (hopefully!) relaxing 4 day weekend before jumping back into a full slate of jobs at work. I have a massage planned for tomorrow as well, and will just say, "Massage whatever the hell you want and I'll be fine with it!" If they offered mani/pedi's I think I would take one of those too! I mean, I just totally want to be pampered! Something to take the edge off this last month.

Anyway, this is a blog exclusive. Didn't really feel right giving this to someone since I don't really mention their name so .... this is to all my dedicated readers. Just picture yourself as the pretty lady with the smug look on her face, knowing she is about to win an argument. This caption makes me feel like I'm starting to get in the groove again.  That. my friends, gives me a great peace of mind!

I should be back on Saturday night or perhaps Sunday? To all those in the USA, I hope you enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! I know I'm gonna try REAL hard to have a blast!


  1. Greatr little CAP here. Really nice. >:)

  2. Sweet caption, I wasn't familiar with Fredericks of Hollywood, but I see they have a lovely site;)

    I wish you a great weekend, and from the sound of it might be Dee Dee who returns from it.

    I heard Black Sabbaths "13" although without the bonus tracks, so I didn't hear "Peace of mind" before. So thank you for sharing.

    1. Frederick's of Hollywood is pretty much the trashier cousin to Victoria's Secret, though FoH has been around for almost 50 years I believe.

      I remember my mom getting catalogs from them back when I was in my teens, and it was always a treat when I could bring in the mail before mom saw it .. then I could keep it for myself!

    2. For me it were brands like Aubade, Mey, Marie Jo, Triumph and a few others that caught my eye. I rarely got to the mail first, but I separated the trash at an early age: "Catalogue for me, something for the trash, catalogue for me..." Being last in line worked for me well enough:)

      Nowadays the amount of lingerie brands in Europe expanded do much, I couldn't even begin to pinpoint what my favourite brand is.