Saturday, August 17, 2013

Too Many Cooks Spoil .. The Broad!

Soup really IS good food!

I am still completely frazzled and been running around non-stop. Still don't have a vehicle for the GF, so I've been working partial days, using vacation days for the rest of the hours, to make sure that she and our roomie get to work. There is a chance we might have something on Monday, but until we have a definite vehicle for her to get to work in, I am going to continue to be around in dribs and drabs. Trust me, I am NOT enjoying this in the slightest!

Made that caption for one of my bestest friends, Courtney, back in September of 2009. It was right before I started my college web design class. I've been thinking about finishing my college degree, but with all the car issues, I don't think I can pull that off this semester. I keep saying that because I never have the money to do it. I think I might actually fill out a financial aid form next time around and see if I qualify for any grants or low interest loans. I only have a few classes left for a bachelors, though I'm assuming the core curriculum for my major has changed since I last attended full time. I mean, back then, the predominant language was Pascal. I would assume its now C++ or something else. Hell, one of my flex classes was in COBOL! (Well, you never know if you'll be programming an old banking computer to fix it for Y2K!) Well that was their thinking at least!

The story behind the caption is that Courtney is actually a pretty good cook, but at the time, she was mostly eating crap. Bren was riding her pretty hard about doing so, and even sent her a bunch of veggies from her own garden. Long story short, Courtney is now eating much more quality food as she had a bit of a health scare back about 2 years ago.

Not sure I'll have any new captions made until we have some wheels and the rest of a car for the GF, so I am going to have to hit the archives for some oldies but goodies.


  1. Oh my! May I please have some more sir?



  2. Nice fun cap Dee. Everyone knows a good chef always tastes what they cook. Wouldn't want the cursed soup to be under-seasoned after all. Also nice music choices, especially the TMBG song. Apollo 18 is one of my favorite albums.

    1. I was a DJ at one point in my life (pre MP3 players) so I tend to have varied musical tastes, and like to switch it up. TMBG is a fave of mine, though I prefer Flood or Severe Tire Damage. Their children's CD's are a MUCH better car ride than Kids Bop as well! Hell, I was even humming "Dr. Worm" in Target yesterday1

  3. Fun cap Dee!

    Sorry to hear about the continued auto problems. Have you looked into any auto auctions? At one point I was close to getting a used police cruiser for like $1000. Sure it had like 200,000 miles on it, but you couldn't ask for a better maintained car.

    1. Ohhh, a Crown Victoria Interceptor edition!! FRIGGIN' AWESOME! Only knock against it is that its a rear wheel drive and we have lots of hills in this city. Those things can go 400k easily!

      We did one a few years ago, as someone had gotten me a one day pass. All the cars were going for way more than I thought they should be, and they wouldn't let you start them up or even drive them!

      There is a place that lets you "rent to own" a car, and we are wondering what their rental rates are as compared to Enterprise (which is like 50 bucks a day MINIMUM!) IF they have a 100 dollars a week deal, we might try to find someone to fix her old car by throwing in a used transmission. That or we might genuinely do a "rent to own" if the car is decent enough.

      Light some candles and/or say some prayers for us for tomorrow everyone!

  4. Lovely caption.
    Dee, I hope you find a good car within your price range tomorrow.
    Mmm, a used police car? I have a picture of Calvin and Damien Blues in my head now;)

    Fats Waller, wasn't he born on a train?

    1. Damien Blues: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.

      Calvin Blues: Hit it.

    2. Yes, that was the scene I had in mind.