Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Neuyu Motors .. My first trade caption ever made!

I thought sure that I had posted this here before!

This was my first ever trading caption, and my second ever created! I made it for Cassandra of Troy who was quite busy in making captions and commenting on others work, especially encouraging newbies .. something I try to do whenever possible. At the Haven, to receive a trading folder, you need to have an introduction posting telling others a bit about you and an initial caption made for someone else. This was my "audition" for a trading folder.

I am not sure, but the Neuyu Motors universe might have actually been created by Cassandra (looked back and apparently it was made by someone named Tryptophan, who I think ended up becoming Robin, a former admin of the Haven), so it seemed like a good idea to make one for her using it. Pretty much the plot device is you get a car that changes you temporarily, and you can become yourself again as long as there is no damage to the car, playing on how fine most companies like Hertz and Enterprise go over the cars when you return them. The trick is coming up with new and interesting ways of tapping the recipient of the caption.

Just found the actual rules. Here they are for anyone actually wanting to make one in this universe:
1.  When you rent the car you get the body of either a) the previous owner or b) the personality of a "typical" owner of the car.  So if you rent a so-called "chick car" or if the previous owner of the car was a women and you are a guy you are getting changed.  There is no limit that the change has to be M2F, it could be F2M or F2F or M2M.

2.  Any damage to the car (and often unknown to the body) results in you now "owning" the car and body and payments starting in 3 months (of course how much you have to pay and how you make payments have not been established yet).

3.  Only those associated with the transactions know your true identity during the change, to the rest of the world you have always been how you now appear when renting the car.
As usual, I tended to drive by the rules and just make the caption brief and yet still be coherent enough to be understandable, especially to those that already know the rules.

It can be fun to go back and look at your old work. This is what I posted at the time:
I saw this picture while I was reading about Nueyu Motors, and thought I'd give it a shot. This is the 2nd Caption I've ever done, and I'm noticing I'm not verbose when it comes to my captioning style. Be that as it may, I hope you like it.
After Cassandra said she liked it, "Thank you so much.  I really like simple quotes, they can convey so much and leave the fantasy part to your mind.  Nice car, great cap!" I posted this reply:
I'm really glad you liked it. I think I'm getting the hang of this, although I don't quite have a visual style yet. I am amazed at how supportive people can be here Smiley

I guess I sort of DID get the hang of it, huh? With many missteps along the way! Anyone that knows me fairly well can certainly see the foreboding in both my statements .. the first one about the lack of verbiage and the second alluding to a visual style, something that took me awhile to achieve.


As you might be able to assume from the topic of this post, we finally got my GF a car, and its really nice. One of her co-worker's mom had died, and he wasn't able to drive it, so he sold it to us. We now have no savings left, but at least I will not be "driven" insane anymore with the commute from hell that was also eating up all my vacation time! She ended up with a 2003 Chevy Impala. I am definitely not a Chcvy fan, the only one I ever had was a piece of shit (1997 Monte Carlo) that was in the mechanic's bay more than on the road BUT it was well maintained and hopefully she will have better luck with hers, which looks like this one posted below both in color and trim package .. of course this ISN'T her actual car or license plate!

I can't wait to drive it. We were in such a rush to purchase it and get it  registered, old car towed, etc .. in one day, I haven't even taken it out for a spin! We have a road trip on Sunday so I will be riding in style I think. Now to bake my mechanic some brownies or cookies so he'll work on a Chevy!

Calvin got a brand new ride apparently! WOOOO! We all need to ride to work in style!


  1. i see the seeds of your trademark style at work. fun looking back sometimes, isn't it?

    1. Yeah. Well, since we had found a car, I knew I wanted to feature a car and this one one of two that I remember making, and I am pretty sure I posted the other one awhile back. I just didn't realize that it was my FIRST trade caption.

      You should show people your first trade caption too! I am sure we'll be amazed at just how far you've come stylistically from 4 years ago!

  2. Congratulations on the car. I bet mine would fit in your trunk;) a year younger and it would have been a Chevy also, instead of a Daewoo.

    I can't recall ever seeing your first caption. But I would love to see it, as well as your other earliest works. Your sense of humor can already be seen in this one.

    1. My first one was technically a Dementia Zero Hour type story. I won't post it here because it features a real person that does not like when her pictures are used .. hence I won't post it in a public forum. Its up at the Haven if you wish to look at it there.

  3. Your brevity most certainly showed up early with this fine cap Dee. To be honest I hadn't heard of the Neuyu Motors world, so I didn't 'get' the cap, but I did enjoy it none the less.

    Congrats on the car. While I AM a Chevy fan, I can't say I have a lot of knowledge about the more recent Impalas. A friend of mine's Mom had a similarly aged Impala and while it did have constant problems most of the issues could have been avoided with more sensible driving. So hopefully your GF will have far more luck with hers.