Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Missing Model Mystery ... or You're Just Being Shellfish!

I can see how that title encompasses .. huh?

Yeah, I made a few captions today. Wasn't planning to, but when stretching at the gym, I tweaked something, so I went home instead of making it worse.

This one was made for Wendy, and I had tried making it last night, but it wasn't quite working out for me then, so I just wiped out what I had and started over. I wanted to do something sort of Hitchcockian but with a current TMZ vibe. We focus so much on celebrity and rich folk that become infamous that it was fun to tackle something like this.  You just have to suspend disbelief and imagine that something like this could happen, and let it wash over you like an episode of The Love Boat.

The ending is a bit of a non-sequitur I think. Somehow in my brain it ties in with the Lobster as some sort of reference to a Surf and Turf platter. I can't knock it too much, as I'm trying to get back into the swing of making captions. Sometimes you have to make omelets if you wanna break some eggs!

Was there any doubt that this WOULDN'T be the song I used to accompany the caption?

... or this one? Eat them up, yum!


  1. Cute cap Dee. I could easily see the TMZ angle it... "Next up, you won't believe what we've dug up on Wendy/John saga! A private yacht contractor spills the beans to us exclusively!"

    Gah... the B-52s! They're one of those bands that I want to dislike so much... but I tend to end up enjoying their songs.

  2. Who needs enemies if you have a legal team. Great cap.
    Fish heads? That reminds me, sushi today.

  3. heck been singing rock lobster all day in my best Fred Schneider and Ricky Wilson
    dum dum dum diddle tidily pom. A good fun caption

  4. Glad I infected most of you with some ear worms that just burrow and refuse to be let out! At least they are GOOD songs!