Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unruly Boys Make Better Good (Sissy) Girls!

Another one I thought I had posted but don't see here on this blog!

If you don't want to read about personal stuff, head to the first video, then read from there!

Going to write this in dribs and drabs as its been one fucking shit pile of a month here at the Mentia homestead. No sooner than we get Vlad (the Impala) on the road, our best friend's car blew up and burnt to a crisp om Friday night. Most of the weekend was spent helping them get food shopping and errands done for them (they live about an hour from us) so we were all over the place. They had a rebuilt engine put in 3 weeks ago and now KABOOM! Then we found out that the GF's mom is in the hospital vomiting blood so we are awaiting tests back on what is up with that. We'd been concerned about her mental health recently (possibly a stroke?) so this physical ailment has really been weighing down on us even more. She lives about 3-4 hours away so its not like we can just hop down the street to check up on her.

I'm also thought about taking a week or two off from the Haven, but I am not sure I can. It can be a hassle but its also been a source of many friends and support over the years. Lately I've just been doing a drive by where I'll pop on and look to make sure everything is still running properly .. then I will just disappear again. I popped on today and someone made me a caption! WOO!

So long story still somewhat long, I really haven't had much time to do anything related to generating TG content of any sort. I also haven't really had much time to do anything for myself, as I've mostly been in "keeping head above water" survival mode for my family and friends. I know a former co-worker that has opened up a massage spa and I've thought about taking a day off this week and seeing what she can grind out of my tense body. In fact I just texted her to see what is available. I am going to hit the gym if possible today as well, since I haven't done that in almost 2 weeks. I need to work off this stress somehow!

Apparently, Calvin/Caitlyn sees Damien like Henry Rollins. I don't mind that at all, as I'm a huge fan of his work in Black Flag and his spoken word tours. I've done some spoken word in my band's performances, and have a neck almost as large as his! Like him I can be a storyteller and I'm often very intense, which is my way of overcoming shyness .. I end up portraying an caricature of who I really am. So yeah, in real life I'm like a cross between Rollins and Foamy the Squirrel.

I have almost had that argument at a Burger King when I ordered a "small" soda and the woman behind the counter says, "We only have Medium, Large, and Extra Large," to which I replied, "Logistically, for you to have a medium, you MUST have something smaller AND something larger. So your medium is in truth .. a small," She then replied, "but its a medium!" Uggh!

Now, about the actual caption itself ... Made it for Terri back in July of 2011, and sometimes my ideas come in waves. I noticed in the directory that I made a number of vaguely "non-magical" magical type captions, where what happened was up to the viewer as to if the subject was changed into a female or not. This one definitely veers more toward a straight up feminization of a sissy than anything magical, and that was by design. I wanted to be less subtle than the previous ones I made.

My mind must have been in a weird mood to come up with the story to go with that picture. I am hoping that people still open up this blog post even though the protagonist is completely covered.

The REAL lyrics .. not the censored version.

I assume this was written by the people who gave us N*Sync?!? LOL


  1. Well Dee, if you want to get my attention to a new post, all you have to do is put the word, 'sissy,' in the title, and I'm there! so sorry about all of the bad luck you and your girlfriend have had to face lately. things have to get better soon. Maybe the Red Sox will give you a happy autumn. My Nationals haven't quite lived up to expectations this season, although I haven't given up on them yet.

    1. I threw the "(Sissy)" into the title JUST so you would look at it! I wasn't sure if you cherry pick which ones you read or not, so I wanted to tip the scale in your favor!

      I am really hoping things pick up by which I mean that things slow down. The Sox are doing pretty good, but once the Patriots start the regular season, I'll be much happier!

      I think the Nationals will be fine next year, as they took a big step last season and now need to stabilize their team for the long haul of being good. That often takes a year or two for that to happen!

  2. Dee,

    I'm sorry to hear about all the woes coming your way. I especially hope that your GF's Mom turns out ok. I'd wish you luck getting back into the capping groove, but I've already read your next post and see that you're already back on the horse... although I'm sorry that came from an injury.

    While I completely agree with your compaint about the mega sizing of drinks, I also would like to add that I absolutely hate how the 'normal' sizes are now considered 'children' sizes. At McDonalds the original 'small' soda size was 12oz. That's now the kiddie size while the 'small' is now 16oz. We wonder why our children are getting bigger and bigger.

    BTW: I LOVE the naming your Impala Vlad. That's car naming perfection!

  3. I'm sorry to hear your GF's mom might have had a stroke. It is something I can relate to, because my dad had a severe stroke when I was in my late teens. He was paralysed on the right side, lost part if his sight and had aphasia after that. The aphasia was the hardest part for him, because his mental abilities were intact, but he wasn't able to express himself, and people often thought he had lost his mental abilities.
    It did require a lot of patience of both my dad and the one he talked to, when he was having a conversation.
    If it turns out to be a stroke, your GF's mom had, it will depend on how much neurological damage there is if she can recover from it, and in which part of the brain it occurred to the symptoms that will show.

    Vlad the Impala, great name, and I know it would bring a smile on my dad's face if he was still around.

    "a cross between Rollins and Foamy the Squirrel" So RL you're Dennis Leary when he's on a roll? otherwise I'd have to picture you as a Henry Rollins with a Foamy the squirrel voice. That's even to weird for me.

    The Knack, forgot about them over the years. I love it if you bring me these kind of memories.

    Cute caption, and the picture goes so well with it. I don't think it would have worked with a busty nude girl in it. Although that may attract more views.