Saturday, July 20, 2013

Steffie's High Protein Diet Plan

You get just as much meat as you would on the Paleo Diet!

Hard to believe that its been almost 5 years since I made this caption, back in August 2008 and I think it might be one of the first captions I ever made for Steffie. It is much more story oriented than my current work, but it does have a flare that I still have today. I like the progression from Steve to Steph to Steffie and the milestones along the way. When you are dieting, you should have some obtainable goals up through to the target weight, and it seems like Steffie hit them all one at a time!

Hope everyone out there is surviving in this heat. I hit a holistic health faire a few hours ago, and though there was a breeze, it was still quite nasty.  After that, I went to a few local farmers markets to pick up some watermelon, cucumbers, and hothouse lettuce  . then this fresh baked french bread and tuna fish so I can have some salads and sandwiches and not have to use the stove! Luckily it is supposed to cool off tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Keep cool and hydrated!

and one more for the road!


  1. Lovely cap.

    I have to admit, I like the original songs by Slade and the Who better, but the way Quiet Riot and W.A.S.P. perform the songs is great as well.
    Uhmm... Quiet Riot, an American band? in Dortmund Germany? Spanish subtitles? A cover of an English band? I guess it's only fitting I make a comment on it;)

    Not really a fan of watermelon, cucumber and lettuce, but the I have some fresh Kaiser rolls, tuna, salmon, strawberries, tomatoes and I believe part of my gooseberries are ripe as well. Yeah, sandwiches sound good on a day like this.
    Makes me wonder if anyone else has an idea for "Dee's Cooking Corner"

    1. My cooking uses lots of short cuts as I have a tiny kitchen. Trust me, if I had a kick ass area to prep food, I'd probably do much more. Perhaps I'll do a few segments on things I like to cook if there is interest.

      I might make some gazpacho on Wednesday or Thursday!

  2. I would definitely be interested. While I'm not the greatest cook, I like to try new things, as long as it is not too hard to prepare.
    I had trout today with a sauce of dill and rosemary and broccoli as a side dish. I admit, most of the preparing was already done when I bought it, still I on rare occasions I manage to get the little I have to do wrong :D