Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shouldn't "Dressage" be a TG term?

Cheating is all the same .. either way.

Holy shit did this blog hit a brick wall last night! Well, actually just the last posting. Apparently all the people that like BBW's are on vacation .. the average daily hits this blog gets when a new post goes up the night before is only down about 20 percent, BUT the caption for Wendy I posted last night has not even received 400 hits yet, 20 hours later .. along with no comments. So its either people aren't chubby chasers (or chubby dreamers!) or they somehow sensed there was a Limp Bizkit video lurking inside! Please check it out anyway, because I do make a case for not picking on the so-called "low-hanging fruit" in pop culture.

It totally must be the BBW nature of the last caption. At 9 AM this morning, this blog post ALREADY has more hits that the caption for Wendy .. and this post hasn't even reached 12 hours posted yet!

Made this caption for Anne Oni Mouse. When I first heard of the word "Dressage" it had to do with Mitt Romney owning a horse that competed in that event at the Olympics. I think that perhaps the horse won a medal, but I really don't feel like looking it up to see if that is actually true! I know that it takes years and a shit ton of money to produce horses that perform that way, so when I saw this lovely picture, I put 2 and 2 together and got formerly rich guy that is now a trophy wife that might be getting divorced soon. The story line was written around that, though I am not quite sure I got the "going to be ditched vibe" enough into the caption itself.

I am still awaiting a comment from her. Not sure if she knows its there in her folder .. and I only made it a few days ago. Hoping she likes it!


  1. Re: Dressage
    That word should totally be a TG term! Or at least something to do with ladies dressing up in their finery. That's what I assume when I first heard the word and was shocked--shocked!--to find that it pertained to horses. Reality's out to lunch on that one.

  2. I've never know dressage BUT from a horse-riding perspective, something about it being one of the few areas that the UK used to do well internationally in my youth I expect. But yes, I can totally see why it ought to be a more TG term.

    What does BBW stand for?

    And now I have left my work I should have more time to comment on the blogs of others again, yay! If I don't fall asleep like I did last night or drink too much like the night before.

    And Queen, yes, this is a good post Dee.

    1. BBW = Big Beautiful Woman

      Usually talking about a fluffy/chubby woman, plus sized.

      When we go to karaoke, I often dedicate that Queen song to my girlfriend.

    2. See, beautiful women are so regardless of looks. I find that beautiful women can do pretty much anything physically and still be beautiful. The reverse applies too, but I've met fewer of those than I have the former.

      I'd probably dedicate Bo Rap to my wife. I heartily approve of any dedication of Queen for any reason!

    3. Great caption,

      Dressage does sound like a TG term maybe the Dutch term "dressuur" is a nice TG term too. Both terms won't work in Dutch as a TG term though.
      We have a few riders over here who are doing very well in dressage.

      As for not commenting. In my case I had a very exhausting week, and most of the time I was online I barely had the energy even to lurk, and a coherent comment was not really in it, except for the cap made for me by Chelsea.

      Queen, always a good choice. In a post for Anne where you talk about BBW you could also include Mika's "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" I believe Anne likes Mika as well as Queen.