Wednesday, July 17, 2013

50 Shades of Wendy .. Each One of Them Red!

Hey look! Dee is flogging a dead horse in this caption! LOL

Yup, nothing like picking on the ultimate lowest common denominator .. Fifty Shades of Gray and Twilight, Limp Bizkit and Nickelback et al.. why not pigpile on top of everyone else and heap some good old-fashioned scorn upon those that deserve it, right? Its a lot harder for me than it looks, since I'm not one for mob mentality, even when I feel the same was as the majority.

 Most of my hatred for these successful yet devoid of any positive quality entities has often been well established before the collective rebuke of their work, so I wonder WHY these things actually were popular in the first place. Did people just think of them as quick little diversions, empty of substance but harmless or do they legitimately enjoy their work, then reject them later on for some trivial reason? Or are they just hitching their wagon to the collective hive mind of"This Sucks!"

I say this because from what I've read, the writer of "Fifty Shades" has no qualms about her skills as a writer. Its completely refreshing to be honest. I don't THINK she is going to really try to write the Great American Novel. She is just going to keep writing what she's written before and either people will like it or not.

I do also appreciate that she made it OK for "vanilla people" to read about bondage and kink and bring it right out into the open, even if its main allure is the naughty forbidden nature of it all. There have to be some people out there that will check out the scene and see that it is for them, and others might be less inclined to think SEX PERVERT when they see a guy being lead by a leash down the street to the grocery store (Hey! I needed corn flakes RIGHT AWAY!) I just hope that most of the normies that read one of these books checked out some actual REAL good erotic fiction, sort of how I hope that most people who liked Limp Bizkit would eventually have discovered Faith No More or the Bad Brains. Most probably never make that leap, but its great for those that do expand and grow.

Of course, the irony in all this is that perhaps I unconsciously or unknowingly ripped off this fairly mundane plot point from someone else, since it seems like such a "DUH!" plot line. It would be a "collective shared thought process" type of response. I'm sure there have been a few Fifty Shades of Gray captions out there ... I just hope mine is different enough (Dee Style!) that it doesn't repeat anything that has been done before.


Got my stent out! You REALLY don't want to know how they went in and snatched it out of my kidney .. trust me! I was there and didn't want to be! I will stay on meds to see if they'll stop the formation of new boulders and  I should be able to start going to the gym again in a day or two!

Made a caption for Hailey Pixley's 200th blog posting on A Tights Spot. She had a few pictures she wanted to have people caption so I chose one and emailed it to her last night. If you get a chance, drop in and see if you can come up with some ideas to match her pictures! I went out of my usual box of toys and used a font I hadn't tried before, to try to match the setting and plot. I actually liked it and perhaps we'll see it again in the future. My caption, and all the others that were submitted, should be available to view on Hailey's blog nexy Monday so check it out!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Is everyone still listening and/or watching the videos I am highlighting as I discuss the captions or talk about things that are going on in my life? Figured I would ask since I try to draw at least something tangentially from the discussion to the videos themselves.


  1. Hey I well comment Think everyone is to flaked by the heat to lift a finger. it is strange how some books just seam to outstrip their content.
    yes I do check out the vids mostly to hear tunes or bands I have not really noted before.

  2. I remember being told about Twilight back when the author was still writing bad fan fiction, and when Fifty Shades WAS fanfiction rather than an actual novel. In both cases I remember scoffing. But now they are multi-million dollar franchises. I have no idea what makes them so popular apart from the fact that they don't daunt people. My students did that this year. When I showed them an essay that failed or didn't do well the students would try to prove me wrong (hard to do, I'm an examiner) and then emulate the style to try and prove that I was being mean.

    In much the same way I think that people read and enjoy these books because they are comforted by the fact that they are about what most people believe they could write if they had the time and inclination. Anything better makes people feel inadequate. Check out America's Got Talent, America's Next Top Model or any of those kinds of shows spawned by the evil that is Simon Cowell to see what I mean.

    Also, yes, I am still listening to and watching the videos you highlight. Mostly my comments are all over the place though. I do like having questions to guide my errant thoughts though. I, personally, always liked Faith No More's "We Get A Lot" but early Limp Bizkit were very 'out there' before they sold out with 'Rollin'.

  3. Great caption, lovely model.

    Some people start to like things because other people say it's cool. If there's enough noise about it people start buying it (probably without ever reading it). I guess that's basically how a commercial works.
    I like it if people point me towards something, but *I* decide if I like it or not.
    It basically left me with three categories "I like it, I don't like it, and the stuff in the middle."

    The music you point out usually is within my liking, and on more than one occasion YouTube has some good suggestions as well. This time a great fan video after Faith No More of Mr Bungle's "pink cigarette".

    By the way, Joanna I never thanked you for pointing out Lindsey Stirling, so thank you for that.