Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Welcome to the Gun Show!

Bodybuilding just isn't the same when it doesn't seem to be YOUR body you're building!

Found this picture the other day and thought it was interesting for a TG caption. The guy is OBVIOUSLY in denial that he is developing a female body, and is just happy that he's losing weight and/or building up some fine biceps! I owe Dawn (Commentator) a few captions, and she has a good sense of humor, so I figured she wouldn't mind receiving this somewhat silly posting of a cocky (and cheap) guy doing whatever it takes to beat the system, even though its the system that is actually playing him, and playing him big time! Pride before the fall so to speak and just desserts ... with ALL the caloric intake he can handle!

9 days or so until vacation time and I cannot WAIT for it to start. I really enjoy my job but I am getting quite burnt out! As usual, we don't really have any money so its a staycation, but I will still enjoy my 14th anniversary with my GF, see my daughter attend prom and graduate, have a Memorial Day cookout at my grandmother's house, clean up the apartment and install the rest of the AC units, get the windshield fixed, and hopefully get some quiet time to relax. Somewhere in there I might make a few captions too.

There might be a few more blog exclusive captions coming in the next week or two. I've been trying to make captions lately, but the people I owe ... I am just not really feeling their preferences the way I should be, so everything I've done .. doesn't really fit. I might just let them sit on my hard drive for awhile, and either post them later here, wait to see if they will work for a newbie, or rework them when I'm feeling the preferences again another time. The one thing I never try to do is force it. Whatever comes out tends to come out, and its why I've never really hit a dry spell or writer's block.



  1. Old Don is definitely rounding into shape. Nice CAP.

  2. Great caption. One can only wonder about his reaction when he realizes how he looks.
    Vacation! Well, I can dream about it. mine is still a few months away, but then I recently had week off, so I'm still good.

    There's nothing wrong with a staycation in my opinion. As long as you can recharge your batteries, and above all have fun with whatever you do. On the other hand, that's not something to be limited to a vacation only;)

    GoGo's. Ahh, sweet. You could never punish me with Belinda. I wish you lots of sunny days on your vacation, so with a little help from Belinda:

  3. Great cap' and I like your thinking behind it!

    What if you were to post pic's that you thought had potential and let others suggest cap's OR start cap's and let others finish them for you? Would that be any easier when you're busy or feeling burnt-out or is really just about as much work?

    1. Well, I did it once or twice and no one bit .. I could always try again. Someone did take advantage of my offer back about two weeks ago and that went well .. maybe sometime over the Memorial Day Weekend I'll throw something up!

    2. No pressure. : ) I'll have a look in case you get around to doing that. FJ