Monday, May 13, 2013

School for the Orally Gifted

Make sure to use proper tongue and lip action!

Doing a quickie post. Still not really feeling the online thing lately, but should probably post something so people don't think I've disappeared. Lots of stuff going on, nothing really bad, but just much busyness. Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there. A few keys are sticking on my keyboard from a spilled cup of pineapple juice, and its amazing how many times you use the letter H and B in just a few sentences!

Made this one over three years ago for Jillisa, and as I mentioned in the posting:
This school will definitely get you ready for a position underneath the podium so to speak. I hadn't made you a caption in awhile, and thought up the story while viewing pictures for a caption for Steffie. Hope you enjoy!
Nothing stirs up the old kinky imagination like making captions for Steffie! The person in the background certainly looked like a teacher to me and viola! Instant caption! As I've mentioned in the past, Jillisa is a stickler for grammar, and this felt like another way to show how much of a perfectionist she is, as usual, probably to her detriment! I am quite fond of this one to be honest!

As Jillisa would respond:
The instructors were hard... *giggle*
As a perfectionist, I agree with not getting out until I get 100%!  

Ahhh, couldn't take that keyboard anymore so I threw it in the sink to soak in some dish soap and water (its a logitech submersible) and I'm using a spare Mac keyboard to finish this up. Guess it pays sometimes to be a computer repair person in your spare time!

Any requests on what people would like to see next as far as captions or discussions? I'm open to requests and questions about what I do and how I do it. Give me a holler in the "Ask Dee" link up top or say something down below if you are looking for input from the Peanut Gallery of commenters!

Figured I'd give you all a double shot of MST3k film shorts about public speaking! Enjoy!

Lastly, HOLY SHIT!! Bruins win game 7 after being down 4-1in the third period! WOOOO!


  1. My favorite line in the caption is, "The instructors were HARD, but fair."

  2. Lovely squirmy caption Dee!

    Sorry to hear about the keyboard, but at least it can be easily cleaned. My last keyboard has the useful ability of easily removing the keys for individual cleaning, but man it's a pain to remove, clean and reinsert every damn key!