Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to the Dorm Room!

I'm betting there are lots of people willing to possess that body!

Well, it was bound to happen at some point! I am pretty much speechless. Haven't got much to say so I won't belabor it. This was made for Wendy and I figured that she wouldn't mind being in Emma Watson's body for at least a little while if not forever. I wanted to make a caption that was as nice as her character is from Harry Potter (at least I think she is, I've never read the book or seen the movies) so both characters in the caption are pretty noble. Due to it being Hermione, I am assuming its some sort of magic spell that went wrong. I always wondered if they let TG wizards assume the form of the sex they wish to be and at what age are they allowed to do so.

I should be posting some time this weekend if I get the chance. See you then!

I am a big Black Sabbath fan. Even liked the Tony Martin fronted version!


  1. You're right; she's a nice character and Emma Watson is a beautiful actress. I'm not the hugest fan and I can't remember any tg stuff but there was one movie in which Hermione was partially transmuted such that she temporarily had a head resembling her cat's.

    Nice cap.

  2. This would make for a awesome collage comedy! i can just imagine all of the misadventures they would get into, while he tried to turn back into a guy. *giggle*

    I never read the books, but i have seen a couple of the movies. I believe there is a potion some where in that universe, where you can change into a girl. just not sure how it works. BUT!I bet you can guess what flavor is my favorite from a any favor jelly bean!

  3. Lovely caption, and I admit, I read all the Potters, and saw all the movies too. I found the first, an English copy, new, for a fraction of the price, before it became a hype and liked it. I'm not sure I would have bought it for the price only one month later. I don't recall any TG related issues in Harry Potter, but I've seen a lot of Harry Potter TG fan fiction.

    Well what's not to like about Black Sabbath. While I've never seen them live, I did see Ozzie solo about a decade and a half ago. Fear Factory as support act. The way FF played was great. They would have blown most main act of the stage, with Herrera still on drums. Not Ozzie. Ozzie ruled. And Ozzie did play a lot from his time with Black Sabbath.

  4. So it doesn't seem like there is any definitive TG stuff in the Harry Potter Universe? You'd think they'd have SOME sort of silly little diversion somewhere in the 7 books!

    1. Yeah, maybe I'm just forgetting about something. In the same storyline in which Hermione develops a cat head, Harry and Ron are transformed to be identical to Falfoy's closest sidekicks but that's m2m. Ron's familiar, a male rat he calls "Scabbers", turns out to be a rat-like man who changes back-and-forth. I remember seeing a cartoon, Sabrina the Teen-age Witch, in which the title character is gradually transformed into a cat. It's on Youtube now. As a little kid, I found it really intriguing when she was all young lady but had the twitching tail of a cat.

      Anyway, your choice of an Emma Watson pic to cap was clearly a good one. I bet you could do equally good caps with lots of her pics, Dee.