Saturday, January 26, 2013

Squeek to me! ...Ask Dee Questions Answered!

Actually, mice seem to like peanut butter better than fromage!

Our first question comes from Ftygrl:
Looking for caption of Mother dolling up her boy into her daughter. Both are in Lingerie. Think it was one your caps. Liked the Caption ; I saw it on transgressive fantasy. Am I wrong or right and where do I find on your blog ? Thanks.
Well, if I had a caption on that website, I would probably know about it, since I ask people to let me know if they are posting one of my works on another blog. I did a scan of my website, and can't seem to find any like that, though I did think I had posted one sort of like that, but without the lingerie:

Anyone else know what Ftygrl is looking for?

Second question has been in the queue for quite some time. I wasn't sure how to answer it, but I'll try as best as can. Its from Someone You Don't Expect:
Everything I've ever seen you create is for others, so I was wondering why don't you ever write for yourself?
Well, there are a myriad of reasons that I don't usually write captions for myself. Perhaps I can list some of the reasons below, knowing that there are probably more that I forgot.

One is that I really need some sort of guidelines. I think I've mentioned before that I probably have Adult ADHD which seems to have worsened as I've gotten older. When I can give myself some sort of focus, I do tend to do well for short bursts of time at least. Creating captions for others gives me a rough road map of where I need to be. I usually still veer off somewhat, but now that I've become a known entity within the TG Captioning Community, its not nearly as much of an issue because its just "Dee being Dee" and my tangents are usually interesting to view.

Two is that I do put much of myself in captions. The pop culture references, odd choices of a turn of phrase and the interplay of words in general (as in my repeated use of credenza or Jenkins as a last name) and snappy/witty dialog all make me happy, especially when what comes out on the page is something I enjoy looking at. While glancing through my captioned works for the first question, I can recall where I was and what some of my thought processes were like it was yesterday, and it was odd to me that those works were often created 3-4 years ago. That leads to ..

Thirdly, its the process that really appeals to me, in taking an idea I had and fleshing it out and delivering it for others to view. Its the main reason I HAVE this blog. I KNOW that I have mentioned this before, but I'll state it again.
I love music bootlegs, things like unreleased versions or live songs done by artists I enjoy .. mostly to see how they went from their initial demo, through to the original release, and how its changed after they play it night after night so they don't get bored.
I like to tell people that a looney tunes cartoon is the inspiration for the the latest caption, or how the person standing in line at the grocery store gave me the idea to change the protagonist in that plot.

Hypothetically, if I was ever in a situation where I was going to be turned into a woman in real life, I would probably judge what actually happened by how clever or ingenious the device/person was in transforming me. "Really? Is that all you did? You couldn't have been more ironic in making me a girl? Can you try it again and say some cheesy 80's cartoon dialog like, 'So, we meet again, but this time, I HAVE THE POWER! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!' and then like I'm addicted to shoe shopping? You wizards have NO sense of drama!"

Just between you and me, I love sharing these works that I've created, and sharing what was going through my mind when I made them. I know that often its not too deep, but I hope that they do enlighten you in some small way, even if its just a "if DEE can make weird ass captions, certainly *I* can make weird ass captions!"


  1. I wouldn't say your captions are weird ass, I would call them quirky. It sounds more respectful ^_^

    1. Thanks Kyra! So I am the Zooey Deschanel of TG Captioning?

      I'll take that!