Friday, January 25, 2013

Abducted and Forced? To Wear Pantyhose?

The line forms to the right, eh?

Made this as a caption return for Katie Mills. I think I created a captioning monster by letting her loose on the Haven! She's good people though and making lots of friends there because she's so outgoing, and the Haven needs some of those friendly types to keep things moving.

I had saved the picture for later use in captioning, but hadn't come up with a story until I knew I was making one for Katie. At that point, I figured I needed to examine a bunch of pictures on the drive that had women in pantyhose in them, and the headboard in the original (its kind of covered up by the text, which is one of the issues that happens with landscape type photos) reminded me of prison bars. That got me to thinking about an abduction and all that would entail. Having read Fictionmania for years, I knew how fun those could be, and I wanted to give it my special twist.

I tried to work in one of Katie's universes, but it ended up being more of an amalgam of the Liz universe, with elements of Sisters of Fate and Society Normal. Somehow I took a few of her things and made something that doesn't fit any of them. Totally Dee right there, huh?

I might post tomorrow, depending on how much captioning I do. There is a possibility that I'll be having lunch with an old friend, so that might cut into my day of solitude. Sometimes its so nice ot be left alone for a bit, but the fact that people wish to see me in person makes me happy too!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Stockings or pantyhose? Neither? Both? What exactly is the allure?


  1. Lovely caption as always Dee! I believe we'd all like to have some extra 'estro-vapors'!

    I'd have to go with Stockings as I find them FAR sexier than pantyhose. When their lacy tops peek out from under a skirt, or when you pair them up with a nice garter belt... well I just melt into a puddle of glee.

    1. I think it might be different situations for different people. I know that some people who like to wear pantyhose do so because it makes their package a bit more confined, and they can also feel the smoothness of the nylon against their butt cheeks.

      And as someone that has performed in Rocky Horror, garter belts CAN be a pain to deal with! Sexy but sometimes annoying!

  2. I'll take a double hit of estro-vapors please! ^_^ A fun little abduction cap and great use of the good ol' "I don't like it.... i love it!"

    I can't say for certain which I prefer as I've yet to wear either, but for now I'm going to say stockings trump panty hose. They're simply much sexier to look at and come in so many styles! Heck, I can barely tell she's even wearing pantyhose in this picture.

    As for the allure, this is only speculation, but I imagine i must feel wonderful to have something clinging softly to your smoothly shaven legs.

    1. As someone that has dressed as a woman for Halloween, let me tell you, That nylons do feel really sexy. If you ever get a chance, after you shave your legs, moisturize your legs with baby oil, then try to walk seductively, rubbing each thigh against the other. I think its the closest I've ever come to orgasm without touching my genitals. Way cool!

  3. Indeed a lovely caption.

    I agree with Caitlin and Kyra that stockings are sexier, but to wear stocking the right way you would need the legs to pull it off.
    So I would go for pantyhose anytime, then at least my legs look feminine, if I have the right fit.

  4. I LOVED IT!! Thanks Dee, I love when artists depict their own image of what they see in one of my characters. It is fun to see how far you will take it or what path you will choose to follow. It inspires me and helps get my creative juices flowing. This might be one of my favorites yet. And I wouldn't expect anything less from you then amazing.

    Thanks again for a wonderful cap,