Monday, January 28, 2013

SRU : Sneaking into the Frat House

The guy in the bathrobe still isn't close to retirement!

Made this one for Chelsea Baker, who I really enjoy trading captions with. I added Terri into it as well since I like having fun with her and they are both from Great Britain. Spells R Us is entering its 17th year or so, and I figured I would bring it full circle, with kids trying to sneak into a party. I've been around long enough to remember when the original story was posted to the TSA mailing list. It was literally a firestorm of "holy shit! This is friggin' awesome!" Within a week or two, there were stories based around it pertaining to TG, Furry, Weight Gain, and whatever else you were into, and people are still doing things with it today.

I will have a more extensive post tomorrow, as I made a caption over the weekend that I think is one of the better things I've done in the last month or two. Not sure what everyone else thinks, since it has only gotten a cursory comment or two at the Haven. You can look for that hopefully tomorrow if real life stops being so relentlessly busy!

I added a few more caption blogs to the side bar that I had been meaning to do since the Links Exchange. That way they are right on the front page, instead of people having to pop through 2 pages of my site to reach the Christmas Day post. I'm still happy that it went off as well as it did. Kaitlyn is now at 100 posts and has almost doubled the members following since Christmas!

On that note, this has been THE month with the most page views on Dee-lusions of Grandeur since we started, beating out last month already with 3 days to go. As you may remember, December 2012 was the first month that we ever hit 100k views, and right now we are around 109k as I write this. INCREDIBLE! Thank you for taking the time to drop in, and even more for commenting. While I have posted 330 times, the comments are almost at 1600, so that is an average of 4.7 per post!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How DID Damien escape with his manhood intact? Does the wizard have something more in mind for Damien? What happens to Chad and Martin at the end of the night, and more importantly the next morning? What is your favorite SRU story?


  1. Find out next week on Tales from the SRU Shoppe! Same Bat time; Same Bat channel.

    Wow, SRU is 17 years old? Didn't they invent the internet around that time? I must say, SRU is quite an extensive universe, and I can completely agree about its use in our media. It makes sense to use it for almost any transformation theme, and I think that's what makes a good fantasy universe because it's.. well, it's universal :P

    I will say I think a lot of other universes were born out of it too. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't SRU spawn the Reversal Rings universe as well as Magic Remote and several others? So, knowing my favoritism of the Magic Remote, thank you SRU!

  2. Nice 1st part of this SRU caption.
    already 17 years of Bill Hart's Spells 'R Us universe! That means that our younger adults were just toddlers when it was written;-)
    Wel, at least I´m young at heart, otherwise i might feel old.