Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does spying on your fiancee EVER WORK?

Remember to work the shaft Honey!

Shitty ass day at work! Was chatting with Rachel and Simone a little while ago so that made it somewhat better. I wanted to post something this evening, but I really don't have anything in mind to discuss so I just chose an old caption that I'm pretty sure I haven't posted here before. Made it about 30 months ago, and yes, it has that tired old "sperm seals you into femininity" trope, but at least it sort of works here. I mean, he didn't exactly expect to be sucking cock, did he?  Mark just wanted to spy on his fiancee for the night.

Then again, it could've been the co-workers plan all along. I am thinking that I left it vague on that point, but I am only guessing. I don't have much recall in making this one. Sorry!

Really hoping I can get some time this weekend to chill out, relax, and make some captions! Maybe a nice bubble bath and lots of sushi to keep me amused! Never know, stranger things have happened!

Time to head bang!

Fatal if swallowed, my love's too much to hold. A deadly poison, a hot and heavy load.
Fatal if swallowed, a love you can't resist. Another believer, sealed, with a kiss.

Jeez, why hadn't I ever thought about using some of THIS song for a TG transformation?!?


  1. I really liked it Dee, it was all in the presentation. It had your special spin on it. Two thumbs up..

  2. Very good caption, but I'm wondering, what about Salem in Mark's body?

    1. I believe that it could've been a set up. Perhaps the original Salem was in love with Jen, and Jen felt the same way, but couldn't tolerate being a lesbian.

      Otherwise it could've been a set up that Jen found out that Mark didn't trust her, and wanted to trap her as Salem's now twin sister?