Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Really Dee? Really? .. and a discussion!

Really Dee? Can you say something other than 'really'? Really?

Been getting a crazy amount of page hits over the last week, so of course I have like nothing posted for 4 of the past 5 days to take advantage of that, so back to pre-blitz amounts of visitors.

Made this one for Moonburst, and looking back on it now, it seems a bit disjointed. Really! At this point, I am not quite sure what I was going for, other than to stress a certain word, almost like a mantra, though out the caption text, Here's what I said in the original posting:
I saw your preferences, and thought that some humiliation would be fun. I also wanted to see if I could work out a narrative that would stress certain concepts and be fun to read. Hopefully I accomplished what I set out to do in a way that you and others enjoy!


PS. If it isn't quite clear, you are always female, but when wearing the boots you appear to look like your old self. I'm guessing you might just be kicking off your boots if you get any more horny for your boss!
Obvious to me now is that if I WANTED to do something as a mantra, it SHOULD be set to a caption that involves hypnosis or using the repetition to reinforce triggers somehow in the plot. Mostly what I did was get people that read it to say, "Really Dee? That is a complete and coherent caption?" The answer to that is, "yes, it IS a complete and coherent caption. Its just not a really GOOD caption." As now its almost a month since it was posted in the Trading Area and the recipient hasn't responded to it yet, I can probably be confident in my prognosis that its a "meh" caption, though I gave my idea a shot .. its the follow though that fell short of my goals!


Here is something that Britney/Steffi posted last night/this morning:

I am part of the "Problem"....

I know full well, and better than most, how much comments/feedback can mean to a caption creator/blogger...  Yet quite often, I don't comment, either...

I basically give myself a "pass", because I generally post so much more content than your average Blogger, but that's a cop-out.  It really does only take a few moments to take the time to give someone a simple "thank you"...

Now, when I "take a break", as I just did, I do just that.  I did not view, read or attempt to create any captions for several months.  That means that those of you who did have a HUGE backlog (for me) of content that I am just largely ignorant of.

I "follow" about 100 Blogs...  It is just not realistic or feasible to attempt to comment on every single Blog.  It also neither realistic nor feasible to attempt to go back through all that I have missed and "catch up"...  Even if I restricted myself to my dozen or so "favorite" Blogs, I would be able to nothing ELSE for several days, maybe even weeks :(
 Its an admirable post, and one that us bloggers do feel from time to time. You want to make sure your readers get something interesting to read every few days, and yet you should hit others blogs regularly as well .. for inspiration, for support, for building a community, and of course, poaching ideas for discussions on your own blog! You can find the whole discussion here. Perhaps you can read it first before you read what I have to say.

I found the comments intriguing, as I tend to do. When people comment, it means that the post is doing its job in stimulating others to respond and share their thoughts. What got my engine running even more was that I was paraphrased and cited for some of the things I've said here on my blog.

Helena (signed on as an anonymous poster) had a good response, especially for an English as a 2nd language speaker, and said, "In my case Dee Mentia nailed it on her blog when she said we are paranoid." Another anonymous person, Michelle, said :
absolutely agree with people who say that we are,in general, a paranoid bunch...especially those of us who have not yet worked up the courage to come out online or in real life. just take your example, britney...i mean you started over with this new blog, but your cyber trail lead some people back to steffi. isnt that just a few steps away from the worst fear of some of us here?

what helena said was absolutely spot on: you cappers and bloggers deserve better appreciation. for most of us silent lurkers, you girls are the only outlets for our fantasies, the only source of our sense of belonging and not being totally alone living in our closets...

ok, before i choke on my own melodrama...one last to thing id lake to say to britney, dee, caitlyn, rachel, courtney, tiffany, and all of you cappers/bloggers out there: we lurkers may not be able to overcome our fears enough to leave comments, but we feel the magic your works bring into our lives. we appreciate it more than we can express (other than accumulated page views) and we cant thank you girls enough for that.
I am so glad to see that people do read these blog posts, no matter who's blog they are posting comments on. Its obvious that they appreciate the work we do, even if they don't say so in the discussions we are having. Perhaps I am slowly knocking down the walls of resistance, or making someone think about something that hadn't questioned before. Maybe you've popped in here 50 times and never made a comment, but that 51st time, something in my post or in the comments section really got you stirred up and you needed to reply. That is exactly what I am waiting for!

And to recap those "paranoid" people out there .. I don't log where you are from in the diagnostics of the website, and I don't have captcha so those using their phones or tables can comment if they so desire. The current weeks comments should appear right after you post them, after that, they are held up until I can view them to make sure they aren't spam (most spam bots tend to post their crap on older posts, hoping that moderators don't see them.) This also means that discussions in the current posts should flow freely without me having to pop in 10 times a day to approve comments. My privacy is dear to me, and i value yours as well.

I just love this animation and it fits the raw acoustic version of this song so well!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are your essential TG blogs? As in, even on a busy day, you'll pop onto these people's site to see what has been said, even if they haven't posted anything new that day? With the photo I used, what would YOU have written as the story?


  1. hello, dee...its me, michelle (the same one from britney's blog...something going on with me, this is my 3rd comment in a week!)

    was about to go to bed just now, but couldnt resist one more round of 'lurking'...just wanted you to know, i'm always here on your blog too :)

    1. Glad to have you here! I never thought I would be one to comment publicly or make captions either, but all the discussions and personalities roped me into commenting and I started making friends. From there, it was easier to get involved and from there, it completes the chain ... getting others to make the leap that I did.

  2. Very glad you addressed this. and yea that video is fun and touching at the same time...

  3. I have to say Rebecca Molay's site and Martha's captions. I've also become a fan of OMG I'm a girl, has definite potential. I found Britney's post interesting too... I've been looking at her captions a lot as well. I have to try an be better about leaving comments.

    1. I need to pop into Rebecca's again more often. She started doing a lot of LONG stories and I really don't have the concentration to follow it to where it ends. She definitely is one of the pillars of the TG community though!

  4. Dee,

    I appreciate you linking my post... It's kind of funny, because the intent of my topic was NOT to bring up the neverending debate on whether or not Bloggers "should" want or need comments. Neither was it to discuss why it might be difficult for some people to leave comments. I've had those conversations before, publicly, and my views are pretty well established at this point :)

    The stated intent was to APOLOGIZE to other Bloggers because MY personal commentary has been lax on THEIR blogs. I'm trying to post new content, and I'm STILL re-vamping my old Blog, which has proven more tedious and time consuming than I initially realized, so I just wanted people like YOU to know that while I am "back", it will be a while until I am 100%, with the time to make comments, and I feel bad about it :) That's all...

    BTW.... I can't help but see the irony whenever this subject comes up on any of my Blogs, when people post 8-10 paragraphs explaining why they are too scared, too busy, or just can't be bothered to post the occasional "thank you"... I confess that their logic escapes me when their very actions contradict their words :)

    I do have several Blogs that I try to visit daily. I'm not going to list them, because I am friends with many Bloggers, many of my followers are Bloggers, and I don't want to accidentally offend someone by omission.


    1. I understood the whole "gestalt" of what you were looking to convey, and since I was sort of "riffing" off of it, I wanted to make sure that people did see what you meant to say and all the comments based off of it, hence the link.

      The irony of people posting long comments on why they don't usually post comments isn't lost on me. My main reason for highlighting your post was that it seemed weird to me that I had to visit YOUR blog comments to see that others were reading MY BLOG! I know that many of your readers visit my blog and in the reverse too. I'm sure you'll find a few comments in my blog where I've mentioned you in the post and someone will say, "I really miss her work!" Hence a positive comment for YOUR work that happens to be in MY blog LOL Just something I felt the need to mention in the post.

  5. I'm feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside right now.
    A reply on my comment by Elle, than being quoted by other commentors and now you naming me on your blog. It even feels better than watching a Rachel McAdams movie;-)
    It also gives me a better understanding why you, I and actually everybody needs positive feedback.
    We all want to be appreciated in whatever we do, but most of all in the things were we put our muse at work. These are the things we do with our heart.
    If someone breaks that down, it hurts, but you can ask why and try to understand the reason, even try to improve your work.
    If you're very proud of a creation and people just ignore it, to me, it hurts even more. because the question remains: WHY....?
    Like I said over at Britney's, we're not the best audience, you deserve better.
    But you, all of you, you make us smile, motivate us, even inspire us. Sometimes help us climb a mountain.
    Britney, the irony of a lengthy comment where we can't bring ourselves to a short one doesn't escape me either. But it is not logic. It's emotions flooding over, like a dam breaks. There's probably irony in the fact that you broke MY dam with your "dear God" caption;-)

    Now to your caption, Dee.
    I've seen a lot of magical captions, but a spell like that is hilarious, up to being brilliant.
    thanks for a great feeling,

    1. Doesn't it feel nice to be recognized? :)

    2. Absolutely!

  6. Commenting on a post about comments is... murky at best for me. I made a long post about commenting while back and that seemed to stir up a lot of activity. Most of my opions on the matter can be read there. I will say that I can understand the position of the 'lurker'. Those who enjoy the content without becoming involved in it. The fear of being 'found out' is strong, but I think the stronger fear may be the internal realization that you like this material enough to respond in more than an 'involuntary' way. All I'll say is that the next step... of commenting, of joining in the community, of admitting publicly (while still doing so anonymously) that you enjoy this material can make you feel SO much better. Sure, it's nice for us to hear your comments, but that isn't a one way street. YOU'LL feel better about it too!

    I'm not sure I could list out my 'essential' TG blogs. I currently list 30 blogs in my 'Blogs I Enjoy' list. Those are all blogs that I want to see their updates as soon as they happen. But to be honest, that's when I visit them. When they update. If they don't update for a long while, I'll generally wander over to see if something is going on. And I will stop by blogs where a conversation is going on (although I do often miss these conversations). About the only blog that I hit up even when it's not updated is here... your blog. Out of everyone I follow, your posts tend to generate the most conversations. Maybe not necessarily the most comments, but the most two, three, or four way conversations.

    As for the photo.... sadly I didn't anything out of it. I like the cap you made (especially roping in the boos which I didn't initially see), but no story idea came to me when I saw it. So what would have I written? Nothing.. I would have moved on to another image.

    1. I've been lax in adding some of the more recent blogs I've been watching .. perhaps I will take care of that this weekend when I think I'll have some time since it is supposed to be brutally cold and also snow stormy.

      The boots are the whole reason I saved it, figuring it set the stage for SOMETHING TG related. I knew they weren't hers in real life, but in a story, they definitely belonged to her.

      You are probably right about the whole "is this what I really am interested in?" realization, and almost as much of a thing as the "binging and purging" that afflicts many TG people.

      Glad that you visit even when I haven't updated, but as you mentioned, I'm probably an outlier for TG blogs when it comes to discussions, though your writing blog (and your caption blog to be honest) is definitely a close cousin of this site.

  7. Ah, I ALWAYS end up leaving lengthy posts but infrequently. So, if I do comment about commenting I'll end up writing reams. Mainly I post infrequently because I tend to surf very late in the evening, after work, and so I'm bushed. Also, I arrive late to most discussions, like here, and end up pretty much saying "what they said". :)

    My 'essential' blogs? I have my blog-roll on my own blog but there are a few others I haven't got round to adding there yet. Simply put, and this is subject to near continuous change at the moment, there's yours, Dee; Caitlyn's; Elle's; Rhiannon. Rambling; Saragirl's... um... Friedoline's, obviously, and Large Blooming Flower.

    Others I check as and when they update.

    Good to see a meaty discussion here too, I do enjoy reading these, even if I have nothing constructive to add. Basically, I'll be doing the virtual equivalent of nodding in interesting discussions as I find what other people say pretty darn fascinating.

  8. I must visit about 40 updates a night but here is a top 5 sites
    http://britneytgcaps.blogspot.co.uk/ and stiffe also now
    http://tiffanyb15.blogspot.co.uk/(diane leonard)
    alas elena has stoped posting
    no surprises here, loads of others that have good post but guess these post most often
    and good qaulity unlike my spelling!