Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Samantha is a Perfect Topping

This caption was designed a few weeks ago when I was in a "Viking Raid" sort of picture hunt.

Sometimes I will snag pictures and just save them to the hard drive until I come up with something. Other times I will do more of a "Caption starter" where I will find the picture and place it immediately into a caption setting, with the picture cropped and edited, and place into an already shaded background for later text additions. Mostly I do these when I KNOW I will use the picture .. might as well get things as comfy/cozy as possible for when I want to make it.

So anyway, I came across a cache of pictures that were really great quality and this was probably the best one. When it came time to make the caption, I owed Sammie, and I haven't made her as many redheads as she probably should've been, so I figured that THIS one would make up for the lack of previous redheads. Don't you agree?

I didn't want to do an elaborate story because, to be honest, I didn't think it needed one. The pose, the look, and the whole "cherry" thing pretty much spoke for itself. I just wanted to pare down everything possible to make it as concise and pin-point as possible.

This was one of three captions I made yesterday, while using a pain med. I am not fond of them at all, but was finding the discomfort intolerable. If I get time today, I might write up the other two, save them, and then have something to post over the next week. I will be getting a treatment on Thursday, so hopefully I will be in some intense pain for a day or two, then much less going forward. There will probably be a followup with the doctor next week, and we'll see how much I've progressed since this weeks medical treatment.

Its been odd the last week or so, being involved in some TG sites and blogs, but not actively looking at any actual content. I did a bit of an overhaul on the Trading Area of Rachel's Haven. Then Sunday we had the issues with the server host on the Haven. With the other administrative duties at the Haven, I still feel useful to the TG community while I try to deal with medical issues and get better so I can fling myself back into making captions on a regular production schedule and popping in to comment on other people's creations.

I hope everyone will stick around, pop in here every few days, and just wait things out until I can put a complete effort into this blog once again. I know that I'm approaching 1 million views, and wanted to celebrate that when it happens .. I just want to do so when I am able to party properly!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you tend to hunt for pictures all at once, saving them to your hard drive for later captioning? Or do you look around, find a picture you like, THEN stop and make the caption right away? Figured I would ask, since people have different ways of creating.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rachel's Haven server is down

In case people were wondering, the Haven servers have been down for about 6 hours now. The server host company hopes to have service up as soon as possible. If you can't log in for your daily (hourly??) fix right now, how about hitting up a bunch of TG blog sites until the Haven is back up again?

This caption was almost 4 years ago!! Damn! Figured it worked in well with the server issues that the Haven is having today, and technically for the last few weeks. I'm hoping that the company that hosts us gets its collective shit together soon.

By the way, "throughput' is an actual computer programming term. You have input, output, and throughput. That was your Dee-ply geeky moment of the weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Haven Quarterly - Issue 3 is now available!

This issue is packed with 92 (!) pages of TG captions, stories, and other wonderful distractions!

Everything inside the eZine is EXCLUSIVE and won't be seen on anyone's blog, or even on the Haven itself. It contains creations by : Sci-Fi Kara, Nadine, Davewashere, JPL, Dementia, Argus, Kaitlyn, Rediqulaz, Alexia, Terri, Erin, Steffiemariechen, Caitlyn-Masked, Victoria Hyde, Totalditz, Jennifer, Elly, Alectra, Master Caster, Playin Petra, One Eyed Pirate, Bren, Mistress Simone, Annabelle, Sarine Davis, Martha, and Smitty!

Also, a huge shout out to Shysteffie for compiling and designing the whole she-bang! There is no way this could have been done without her really stepping up to the plate.

Honestly, if you can't find at least 2-3 people in there that just makes you all melty when looking at their work, you really shouldn't consider yourself a TG fan. The Haven Quarterly costs $10, ALL proceeds will be used to keep the site online. The eZine is loaded with EXCLUSIVE captions and stories from some of your favorite contributors on the Haven and is available no where else!

My contribution consists of : a few realistic advertisements sprinkled throughout the pages, and another installment of "Ask a / Letters to Mistress" that is one of the more bizarre things I've ever done ... truly! I was in a utterly daffy place when I got the letter, and my reply is out there. Even reading it now, I am in that "What the hell was I drinking?" mode. Equal parts brilliance and 'WTF?' on the same page.

Grab your copy today and tell them Dementia .. sentya!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you got this issue, or the last one, what did you think of the "ask the mistress" portion that I wrote? Figured I would ask!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Patriots going to the BIG GAME!

Figured I would call it the "big game" because the NFL has been known to go after restaurants, travel agencies, and even churches that use the name of the game without their written consent, etc ...

I would've enjoyed the game much more if I wasn't heading to the toilet every 10 minutes to empty my bladder. I'm not quite sure if I would rather have the intense pain than the constant urination a stent is forcing me to go through. Luckily I have work that I am able to do at home, and I sucked it up for a half day at work (the 40 minute drive each way was EXCRUCIATING!!) to be able to grab what I need to work here.

I'd like to thank all the well wishers on the last post. Makes me feel good to know that people do care :) The word really hasn't gotten out on the Haven, and not sure I want it out too much. The last thing I want is a bunch of "get well captions" that I won't be able to read until I'm actually better .. and make me look like I don't appreciate them!

The blog even got a few new followers, which is weird since I haven't posted or commented on any other blogs in almost a week. Even weirder, it seemed like the weekend was pretty slow on most TG blogs, so to pick up any followers is extremely welcome. Hope you enjoy the site, all you recent newcomers!

Until I have a more clear idea of WHAT is going to happen physically (I don't even have a followup until this Friday!! Arrgghh!) I don't plan on making any new trade captions, or commenting on others. I will probably do some like this post, perhaps twice a week, where I just put up a caption without much discussion, just to make sure everyone remembers who I am LOL At the least, I'm less likely to disappear from blogger if its updated regularly.

I'm sorry that I am a big supporter of the whole "captioning community" and yet, I'm sort of wandering off for a bit. I'm hoping it doesn't look like I'm abandoning everyone, but its just quite uncomfortable to view captions at this point in time, especially when there are usually gorgeous looking women in them! I promise that once I get everything straightened out, I'll be back with as much vigor as I have had before. I am still working behind the scenes at the Haven on various shit that comes down the pike.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Health Issues

I haven't been around here much the last few days since I was in the hospital. Ahhhh, morphine totally rocks, by the way. I can certainly see why people get addicted to opiates.

The thing to note about all this is, I'm not sure how active I will be in others blogs. I might be able to throw up some posts from time to time here, but life isn't exactly a bowl of cherries right now for me, and I don't want that to influence/color any comments/praise I have for others work. Also, though I don't usually get too aroused by looking at TG captions, they do often contain good looking women, and I'd prefer not to have to deal with any mid-sectional issues, if you catch my drift.

Hey, maybe I'll be feeling better in a week. I certainly hope so, but I figured I would let people know up front. I should be around to do most of my admin tasks on the Haven, and if you need to contact me, go through the usual channels.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Picture Can Make All the Difference

This is a cautionary tale .. about making sure your preferences are kept up to date and detailed, while still leaving room to let captioners be themselves. The person I made this for liked to be humilated, so I thought I would oblige them. When people are relatively new, I try not to go too overboard, but the preferences were pretty much daring me to make something ..
As you can probably tell ... I love HUMILIATION!, there is nothing I enjoy more than being mocked for how girly and prissy I am becoming during the process of feminization. This is not a must in a caption but for me personally I think it adds alot

I love the idea of being trapped in my new feminine role, such as giving me permanent makeup, taking away all my male possessions, or putting me in a situation where I have to keep acting as a girl
 Well, from that, I made the caption up above. I had a feeling that I had gone a BIT too far in the picture though, so after I posted, I sent a PM saying that I could change it if it was too much. About 3 hours later I got the "I'm not really diggin the picture" aspect. To be honest, I expected that response, but I figured the picture is what made the humiliation aspect work. They wanted "realistic, not magic" for their caption, and I thought I hit that right on the head. If you looked like a covergirl, you'd probably lose quite a bit of the edge. "Oh noes! I look better than 98 percent of the real women out there! What ever am I going to do?" I probably could have found a picture that went half way between what I portrayed in the caption and a real woman, but I wanted to see how much is too much.

Anyway, about 10 minutes later, I took what I had, edited it a bit, and then wrapped it around another picture.

This version works well too, but to me, it doesn't have the SNAP the original does.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How do you feel about each caption, and which one do you like better? I am guessing that most people will like the second one much more. Why do you prefer one over the other?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Got time to post something smaller than that LONG post from yesterday. I might post something tomorrow if I get some time. If you don't see anything on Friday night, I probably won't be blogging over the weekend, since this is THE weekend for pro football fans, since all the teams that have made it this far are good .. no clunkers like most weeks during the regular season.

Yup, that is THE best Tight End in the league, with a porn star wearing his jersey, while he's shirtless. He catches passes from a world famous Hall of Fame QB that is married to a supermodel. Nice to know that some people have all the luck, eh?

Jennifer wanted to see something of the following:
And what I would like to see? umm.. Hot lips, thong panties. *giggle* how's that?
Well, I THINK I can at least do the lips, with a sweet little candy coated caption. Definitely not a bitter pill to swallow!

I wasn't really THAT good at photoshop then, but I think I did a decent enough job on the sweet tart candy. I don't recall what it said before but it was innocent. This was before the age of kinky valentine's day candy!

As for the thongs, I don't really do that many pictures showing them off on a juicy pair of buttocks. Perhaps I'll try to rectify that at some point. I probably missed a few I've done, but I didn't have time to look at ALL of them. I do have this caption that is somewhat close to a thong. Maybe in a few years!

Feel free to post in any of my old blog entries! and Remember, Soylent Green is made from people!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Seduction Goes a LONG Way!

Yeah! Since we are going to be discussing something that Caitlyn suggested, I figured I would post a very recent caption I made for her on the Haven. I also wanted to pay a bit of a homage to her by sort of incorporating a smidgen of her design style, while still keeping the tenets of Dee-ism.

Here is part of what I wrote in the original post:
It was fun to do this, because I wanted to see the after affects of the change, not so much the physical, but the other parts of Calvin/Caitlyn. Something tells me that you WOULD be like this if the situation occurred. You'd want to try to move on and cope as best you could .. trying new experiences instead of moping around. From there, you'd HAVE to experience sexuality as a female, so you would have to coax yourself and your friend to go along with it. Then, since you are now female, you get into the whole roleplay and seductive romance and then ..  WHAMMO, the alpha male guy takes over, all cocky (pun intended) and headstrong. At that point, I think the submissive streak of Caitlyn takes over, but that is more for your imagination than a caption.

Hope you enjoy this! It probably helps to think of a little slurp noise at each piece of punctuation during your little seduction speech.
I loved her reply, and I'll post it here as well:
Tee Hee!! Its like a fairy tale come true.  "And Caitlyn sucked happily ever after!"

I love it Dee.  Very sexy photo... and yes I'm talking about the pretty new Caitlyn, not the lip stretching monster she's kissing.*, wonderful story, and I like your write up.  I don't know how I would really react if given a change like this, but it is certainly possible.  I'm just not sure any friend of mine would need that much convincing!

Thank you so much Dee!


*o.k.. I'm talking about that too!
I don't often use photos like this, because, truth be told, I don't find most of the pictures like this the SLIGHTEST bit interesting. This one got me because of her expression, and honestly, the gentleness of the kiss at the head of a relatively large phallus. I prefer to have a picture enhance the story and vice versa, so that they interact with each other and provide a sense of balance.

The other part of the response I like leads to something Caitlyn brought up in a previous post when I was asking for some topics of discussion.
What drives you to cap? what makes you go into Photoshop after a bad day, or posting a cap and not getting the response you want. Is it fantasy? Challenge? Helping others? Creative Outlet? I'm not asking what made you want to cap in the first place, but after this many caps what drives you to continue?
Probably the number one reason I still caption is that I love this community and the friends I've made while being a productive captioner. Its so much more sociable now than 18 years ago when I was FTPing through the Mellon server and finding some stories scattered around Compuserve. This was pre-Fictionmania, and even pre-TSA mailing list. After that, there was the explosion of Geocities vanity sites (which sort of seems the same as Blogger is now) but there wasn't too much in the way of an online community I actually felt comfortable with. It was always broken down into fiction/fantasy and realistic crossdressing / sissydom and they hardly ever crossbred. Rachel's Haven seemed to mesh ALL those groups together fairly well, and I really embraced it.

The comment Caitlyn made not only made me feel appreciated, she let a bit of herself out for all to see. I tend to be the most friendly with those that put an effort into their comments. Then there were other comments made by people I consider close friends.

From Steffie:
*GASP!* Dirty pics from Dee? Say it ain't so....what's next, Courtney doing German fetish videos? Bren voting Democratic? The world is off it's hinges, I tell you... it just ain't right. Still, that an awfully sexy story you got there. *giggle*
Then a reply from Petra:
Since the world is off its hinges, I've decided to start wearing pants all the time as well as long sleeved turtle-neck shirts with denim vests over the top. Fun cap Dee and I'm sure that Caitlyn will be doing something like this quite often in the future.
There are so many instances where the discussion in the comments have influenced people's online characters, influenced future caption ideas, and fostered a genuine camaraderie that I cannot describe. If Caitlyn NEVER made another caption, it would be a disappointment, but as long as she is still around to chat and discuss whatever I want to talk about, I wouldn't have too much of a problem if she decided to not make them anymore. Her disappearing from my life would be much more of an upset to me.

I love to make captions for others, though I want to receive a caption from them as well. When someone shows an effort, it makes me so happy, regardless of whether I actually enjoy the caption at face value. It gets them involved, and hopefully they'll be hooked! In a way, each caption is a performance, and I want everyone to be a part of my freak cabaret! Its why I am so vehement about discussions that I hope will make people think more about captions beyond the kink/fantasy factor and into a realm of artistic mode of expression.

The biggest compliment I can get though, is when someone becomes a member, and *I* am their first caption subject. I am honored to have had that distinction a few times, and you really have to pry the smile off my face with a friggin' chisel whenever it happens. A few of the times I've been blindsided by it, as the people have never announced themselves to me until I got this incredible work of art, and I read, "I saw a caption you made, and was inspired to make one myself. Hope you like it!" Its such a validation of what I try to put out consistently in caption form .. a daily look into the mind of Dee that people will hopefully find interesting and compelling, even if only for a momentary distraction.

To to sum up something that has become a HUGE block of a post .. its all the things that Caitlyn mentions, but also so much more that I even have trouble putting into words.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you had to sum up "Dee the person" and "Dee's captions" in less than 20 words, what would you come up with? I'm actually really interested in knowing!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

R U ready 4 sum Football .. TG captions?

Multiple captions inside! Well, in honor of the big college football bowl game last night, which was won by some team that I guess wasn't supposed to even be in the game .. I figured I would post a few "football" captions, since Caitlyn asked nicely. I THOUGHT that I made a few, but looking through the "Dark"hives, I don't see THAT many. In fact, I think there are two football captions I haven't post to this blog. If I didn't do the Brett Favre one here, that would make only three.

Its weird because in terms of my favorite sport, Football is second only to Hockey. You'd think I'd have made more then. I've done a bunch of hockey, baseball, some basketball, pro wrestling, and even bowling!

This was made for Simone during our "Pick'em" league back in 2008. If I remember correctly, I came in second to Bren .. and this was made because Simone had been dogging Bren and her beloved Cowboys. When you think of the 'boys, you definitely have to think about the cheerleaders, who were probably more popular than the actual team in those down years between Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Simone sure looks happy out there on the field huh?

I might have posted this here already, but either way, it's the "other" football caption I could find (there is one based on the Cleveland Browns, but I KNOW that I've already posted that one) and the ironic thing about the caption is .. the model is the actual woman that received the naughty texts he sent, including a picture of his little Favre.

I still have lots of cheerleading captions left I haven't posted, but most of them are not-quite sport specific. You'd think they were for basketball or some other indoor sport, because the girls are doing their thing in a school gymnasium.

Hope everyone enjoys this little sports interlude. Football is a big thing on the Haven, with Bren loving the Cowboys, I think Simone likes the Falcons, Rachel is a HUGE 49ers fan, and I root for the league leaders in evil .. The New England Patriots. Hey, I wasn't a bandwagon fan .. I was a fan back when they were 1-15 in 1990! I'll be back with more discussion answers and more captions, so feel free to pop into the last blog post and comment there as well!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Sooooo, who wins the Super Bowl this year? Who do you think will be in the Super Bowl? What teams goes further .. Rachel's 49ers, or my Patriots?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jotting Down the Voicemail

This return caption was for Chelsea Baker, and I dipped into my real life bag of tricks to come up with the plot line. I've used the "repeat after me" device a few times (involving the line from Day the Earth Stood Still even), and its always fun to do. This time I focused on a really annoying trait that some people I know have, and that is reciting what they are writing when it comes to private voice mail. I've learned that if I want to keep ANYTHING a secret, NOT to leave them a message as anyone within earshot will learn about all the details.

I figured that was as good as any excuse to make a caption involving a hot secretary with long legs, etc .. It wasn't written, but you COULD make the case that his secretary was part of some sort of coven, and wanted to advance by making sure their bosses were no longer in positions of authority.


I feel bad for not posting a more substantial blog post today, but I was quite busy at work today (preparing the annual reports for the fiscal year-end meeting in a few weeks) don't feel that well and I have to to finish up my last piece for the 3rd Haven eZine, an answer for an advice column, "Ask a Mistress". At least I THINK its my last piece. I'm always a sucker for helping Steffie when she asks. I have already made a few "adverts" to help space out the TG/TF stories in columns and perhaps something else I'm possibly forgetting. I believe its already over 50 pages, so I'll let people know when its out, especially since a bit of proceeds go toward helping to fight cancer.

Hey, the blog has been viewed 900k times as I write this! Sweet!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For the next post or two, any particular caption content you'd like to see (other than pregnancy since I did that one a month back and no one commented on it)? It doesn't have to be a strict category, it could be something like "big tits" or "tight fitting jeans". Trying to get a gauge on what people want to see next. While I'm asking, any discussion topics you'd like me to touch upon or elaborate further?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The First Ever .. TG Caption Mad Lib!

Well, it is PROBABLY one of the first .. just in case I DID rip it off from elsewhere. I got the idea from a Jimmy Fallon routine he did during the Christmas holidays .. where he did a mad libs set to "The Night Before Christmas" .. with celebrities filling in the words he'd taken out.

Right then and there, I said .. we need to do that on my blog .. all TG style! I grabbed a caption I'd done awhile back, which was a bit hard because 99 percent of the captions I make are for a specific person. I needed to find one that was sort of universal, and wasn't entirely tailored to really specialized preferences. This one I made for Tar seemed to do the trick, especially since it uses a normal TG situation, and wasn't offensive, overly sexual, or too perverted. I wanted to keep it PG.

I thought that everyone did a good job in supplying the words I needed to make this work. Here is the original (well, my original version that I used to make changes) so you can see how the MAD LIBS changed it.

It isn't too hard to make your own mad lib .. and it will hopefully get your commenters involved. Here is how I did it.

I looked for words that could be changed without too much fuss and still be fun to read with a word substitution. Those words I capitalized (as seen in the original caption). Then I gave each word a number, and figured out WHAT sort of word would replace it (ie "plural noun" or "general location") just like the real mad libs. Throw up a blog post detailing what you want (see last post for that). Then when its time to fill in the blanks, just replace the capitalized word with the new word. You might have to jiggle the line and paragraph breaks a bit (and tweak the grammar) but that is pretty much all there is to do!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Soooooo, what do you think? Was it fun? Would you like me to run another? If people liked it, I can try to do one every month or so,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Breaker-Upper .. and an interactive MAD LIB!

Just wanted to post a caption, and get to the meat of the posting. Pretty much a standard caption. I liked making it because its a relatively novel idea, and its based off of a "rent a boyfriend" business I read about on Yahoo or some other place a few years ago. Its more of an above board escort service, where you can have a guy pretend to be your boyfriend while you parents are visiting, or use to him to make an ex jealous, or the "I've moved on Steven, shouldn't you?" I figured it needed a feminine touch, and it would certainly explain a few of the breakups I'd endured when *I* was younger!

Now on to what was posted in the title. I am not sure if I am stealing this from anyone .. if so .. OH WELL, as its such a great idea I wanted to do it here too! Anyway, my plan is to take an old caption, which I've already picked out, and turn it into a Mad Lib. I think most people remember this game from their youth .. where you pick a random word of a certain part of speech to fit in an already written story. The people offering the words have no idea what the story is about. Once its filled out, its read out loud, to comic effect hopefully.

Here is what I need from everyone, regardless of whether you are a captioner or not. I am going to list what I need, numbered from 1 to 23. In the comments, pick THREE of the numbers that haven't been taken in the comment section already .. and fill in your blanks. I'll plug the words into the caption, and post both the original and the newly made MAD LIB in a few days. I will try to keep popping in and updating the blog when I number is chosen, but I can't guarantee I can update it really quickly, so please look in the comments for the latest updates on what was taken.

1.  plural species of living creature (ie cats or plants, etc...)
2.  noun
3.  general location
4.  plural noun
5.  adjective
6.  body part
7.  adjective
8.  collective grouping (ie murder of crows, queue, etc..)
9.  number
10. authority figure
11. plural noun
12. verb
13. noun
14. noun
15. noun
16. plural noun
17. general location
18. verb (to something)
19. adjective
20. adverb (usually ends in ly)
21. verb
22. non-shoe article of clothing
23. general location

The above caption is NOT the caption I'll be posting. I don't think I've posted this caption to the blog, though I am not sure, and too lazy to look at everything I've posted here. There is no nudity in the caption, so its not overtly sexual, and the contents are definitely PG.

Lets see if we can have some fun!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head?

I have never been diagnosed with ADD. I was a few years older than those who started to be seen that way .. and I was never hyperactive enough to get Ritalin prescribed to me or anything like that. I just have trouble focusing, and dealt better when I can float between different things. I actually do better work when there is chaos in the air and my thoughts scatter. I'm pretty sure I would be diagnosed now with Adult ADD if I wanted to be checked out.

Its why I really SUCK at writing stories, but pretty skilled at things like lyric writing and small creative bursts like captions. Trust me, I wish I could take most of my captions and flesh them out into a nice long juicy story, like Belladonna/Sarine does. I have written a few, and they probably would make really good short caption series, like perhaps 3 panels. I was writing TG captions before there WERE such a thing as TG captions LOL I don't think I cracked 1000 words in any of them!

This caption was worse for me though .. as I ended up ADDing right in the middle of the story. I will cut and paste what I wrote when I posted this to Victoria Hyde's trading folder, and elaborate some.
So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

Ummm, yeah. This caption is a perfect example of my ADD and my predilection for pop culture. Please read the caption first.

I started out with a basic premise of welcoming your into our little clique of dommes/malevolent forces (like with Simone and I) as I like what you write. From there, I thought it would make a good caption to set it in a corporation with an older woman picking a protege .. who runs the business and has many men/sissies under her thumb between both her public and private life. I don't recall that plot line nearly as much as most of the TG things that have come before. Suddenly though, it went from that idea into some sort of perverted Willy Wonka styled transferal of power .. involving the golden dildo, which signifies who has control. I really liked the idea and used a take on the speech that Gene Wilder gives Charlie in the glass elevator.
Yes, it does seem jarring to me, but yet in my brain it works. My thoughts went on a tangent and I couldn't reel it back in. Even worse, though I had no real resolution to the caption, THIS seemed like the best way to finish it.

I guess in one way, I like it because when I was young, Willy Wonka was a TG dream to me. If he could make a piece of gum turn a girl into a blueberry, he CERTAINLY could make a candy bar that could make me a girl, right? Almond Joys got nuts, Mounds don't! If only I could be Veruca Salt .. the little spoiled bitch that got everything she wanted and made everyone cower, all the while being cute and stylish!

Anyway, I am not sure that this caption is coherent enough to be .. umm good! Perhaps its OK, but there might be too much CONCENTRATED "DEE" in there for it to function as a typical everyday caption. Damn, I don't think this caption even fits into any of my current tags!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could obtain any certain element of another captioners skills to make your own captions better, who and what would it be?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dee's Beauty Salon .. Hello 2012!!!

Was looking over the "Dark-hives", trying to find the first caption I made that wasn't specifically "magical" .. which took awhile since the first 240 panels* I made were pretty much exclusively dealing with spells, curses, wishes gone wrong, etc .. There was one other caption that left it blank, but it was more implied that magic was somehow the means of transformation. Hence it took me about 3 months (June 2008) into my captioning 'career' to try something out of my comfort zone.

Its fun to look back and see what you were doing then, and how you would do it differently now, 3 and a half years later. This is one of the first times I used my signature font, so it still LOOKS like something I'd do now, though I didn't frame it the way I do now. I also justified the text to whichever side the picture was positioned, which I don't think I did too often. I was still feeling out a style to call my own.

So, design wise, I'd probably do a few things differently (like make all the panels the same width) but I think the story and dialog would stay the same if I was making the same caption today. The main thing that jumps out at me though is this .. I don't usually go this deep into plots anymore. Could I boil this down to one caption sucessfully? I doubt it .. though its definitely a relative of another one I posted here over a week ago .. A Subtle and Tasteful Makeover. In fact, I mention that I didn't want to create a multi-panel caption with a guy picture in the 1st one .. subconsciously I was probably aware that I made a caption much like this one 3 years earlier!

This is something that Simone and I discussed over IM's last night. I think we both started around the same time making captions. We've probably done just about every story line and plot point we could since then. Trying not to repeat ourselves takes A LOT of effort, especially for people we've captioned often. We each have our own ways of dealing with it. I went with making micro-captions .. where I focused more on a specific element of the transformation, where some details are magnified while others are virtually non-existent. So its a "maid caption" but I leave out the "how" or "who did it" and focus on the feeling of having to clean their old mansion.

There are enough differences between this caption series and .. A Subtle and Tasteful Makeover .. that I don't feel that I plagiarized my own work. Others might have different opinions!

* By a rough guestimate, I've made over 1500+ TG panels. I did many more multi-panel captions when I started out. After 6 months or so, I barely went more than 2 panels for any caption I created.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are some things you do to make sure you don't rehash the exact same captions again and again, especially when captioning a well worn TG motif? Other than trying to not draw attention to similar captions that you've done before .. like I did here! Do you just shrug your shoulders and say, "you can't really reinvent the wheel, so why bother?" or stress yourself to constantly be innovative?