Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head?

I have never been diagnosed with ADD. I was a few years older than those who started to be seen that way .. and I was never hyperactive enough to get Ritalin prescribed to me or anything like that. I just have trouble focusing, and dealt better when I can float between different things. I actually do better work when there is chaos in the air and my thoughts scatter. I'm pretty sure I would be diagnosed now with Adult ADD if I wanted to be checked out.

Its why I really SUCK at writing stories, but pretty skilled at things like lyric writing and small creative bursts like captions. Trust me, I wish I could take most of my captions and flesh them out into a nice long juicy story, like Belladonna/Sarine does. I have written a few, and they probably would make really good short caption series, like perhaps 3 panels. I was writing TG captions before there WERE such a thing as TG captions LOL I don't think I cracked 1000 words in any of them!

This caption was worse for me though .. as I ended up ADDing right in the middle of the story. I will cut and paste what I wrote when I posted this to Victoria Hyde's trading folder, and elaborate some.
So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

Ummm, yeah. This caption is a perfect example of my ADD and my predilection for pop culture. Please read the caption first.

I started out with a basic premise of welcoming your into our little clique of dommes/malevolent forces (like with Simone and I) as I like what you write. From there, I thought it would make a good caption to set it in a corporation with an older woman picking a protege .. who runs the business and has many men/sissies under her thumb between both her public and private life. I don't recall that plot line nearly as much as most of the TG things that have come before. Suddenly though, it went from that idea into some sort of perverted Willy Wonka styled transferal of power .. involving the golden dildo, which signifies who has control. I really liked the idea and used a take on the speech that Gene Wilder gives Charlie in the glass elevator.
Yes, it does seem jarring to me, but yet in my brain it works. My thoughts went on a tangent and I couldn't reel it back in. Even worse, though I had no real resolution to the caption, THIS seemed like the best way to finish it.

I guess in one way, I like it because when I was young, Willy Wonka was a TG dream to me. If he could make a piece of gum turn a girl into a blueberry, he CERTAINLY could make a candy bar that could make me a girl, right? Almond Joys got nuts, Mounds don't! If only I could be Veruca Salt .. the little spoiled bitch that got everything she wanted and made everyone cower, all the while being cute and stylish!

Anyway, I am not sure that this caption is coherent enough to be .. umm good! Perhaps its OK, but there might be too much CONCENTRATED "DEE" in there for it to function as a typical everyday caption. Damn, I don't think this caption even fits into any of my current tags!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could obtain any certain element of another captioners skills to make your own captions better, who and what would it be?


  1. Well even with that "problem" I thinks you just ace the work of a captioner... mine's tend to be large, and musky with own interests and hard to grasp on wickedness of the intention put onto it on some aspects... wait Autocritic moment YAY!.

    Nevermind... *giggle*

    If I had to take on some elements (and I don't think someone would want to take on mine, so I'll greedy take them anyway *giggle* )

    I think it would be Caitlyn and her chain of thoughts process. She's really brilliant at keeping the story right on the track and most of the time, cut to the point and to the good part... without having to spoil a backstory and making sense!!!

    That's brilliant really!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    The cap is perfectly lovely, and you CAN'T have "too much" Dee :)

    I love the Veruca song,always have :)

    For the discussion question,it's easy .. I'd be happy with either Caitlyn's or Simone's "eye" for pic selection and layout. Both are far superior to me, and I am extremely jealous of both....

    I'll hold my quirky writing style up to most anyone, but visually, they BOTH are so far out of my league, it's actually a little depressing :)

  3. Dee,

    Great commentary. Like you, I rarely have the patience of those who can write stories, so caps has become my "mini novels" Oh well, you, me, the other girls, we love what we do so much that we spend our time in search of the "perfect" cap - and it's usually the one we just finished, because we tortured ourselves over it to get it just right :)

    And very nice cappy too!

  4. Hmm... its an interesting cap Dee. And after reading your explination, I can see how you ended up with it like that. But I have to agree, it is a little disjointed. It seems that it is two stories... one ends with "...predilections right?" and the other begins with "I LOVE this places..."

    I would love to have that long term writing ability. The ability to whip out cap after cap after cap. I see that in you Dee, as well as Steffi, Evie, Smitty and a few others.

    Beyond that, there are abilities that I would like in my bag of tricks, but I wouldn't want them all the time. I would like Samantha deSavory's ability to write a short cap that conveys everything needed to tell a great story. I would like Jennifer's ability to write successfully about Slaves in the first person, and not make it feel like I'm guessing at what true submission would be like. I would like Mistress Simone's ability to make a sensual sexy cap without having a bit of actual sex in it the story or image. I would love to have Dee's sense of humor. I would like Sasha's ability to make a XXX cap where its best asset is its humor. I would also like Sasha's ability to use herself in a cap. I would like Martha's continued exploration of everything feminine... big, small, sexy, ugly, young and old. I would like Candy's (one eyed pirate at the Haven) ability to write a good cap around an anime image. I would like Trisha's ability to write an entire story.

    And these are just the people that I have in my blog roll. Really if someone has success making caps, I would like whatever formula and skill set they have. I feel far to often that I fall into a rut, and if I had a wider skill/knowledge set that I could keep it new and fresh.

  5. Hmmm...where to begin...

    First I would love to have better knowledge of the English language. That would surely help me to be a better captioner.

    Dee's sense of humor and ability to put so much in few words would be nice to have. I also like Bren's way of putting the story around the picture. JPL(Debi) layout abilities and play with words would be nice to have as well.