Thursday, January 12, 2012

Got time to post something smaller than that LONG post from yesterday. I might post something tomorrow if I get some time. If you don't see anything on Friday night, I probably won't be blogging over the weekend, since this is THE weekend for pro football fans, since all the teams that have made it this far are good .. no clunkers like most weeks during the regular season.

Yup, that is THE best Tight End in the league, with a porn star wearing his jersey, while he's shirtless. He catches passes from a world famous Hall of Fame QB that is married to a supermodel. Nice to know that some people have all the luck, eh?

Jennifer wanted to see something of the following:
And what I would like to see? umm.. Hot lips, thong panties. *giggle* how's that?
Well, I THINK I can at least do the lips, with a sweet little candy coated caption. Definitely not a bitter pill to swallow!

I wasn't really THAT good at photoshop then, but I think I did a decent enough job on the sweet tart candy. I don't recall what it said before but it was innocent. This was before the age of kinky valentine's day candy!

As for the thongs, I don't really do that many pictures showing them off on a juicy pair of buttocks. Perhaps I'll try to rectify that at some point. I probably missed a few I've done, but I didn't have time to look at ALL of them. I do have this caption that is somewhat close to a thong. Maybe in a few years!

Feel free to post in any of my old blog entries! and Remember, Soylent Green is made from people!

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  1. Now those are some hot lips! And why can't I find that saying in my valentine's candy? I want to rock cock! *pout*

    Thank's Dee, I know the suggestion wasn't much, but I thought I would sort of take a shotgun blast approach and see what you could dig up in your archive.