Monday, January 9, 2012

Jotting Down the Voicemail

This return caption was for Chelsea Baker, and I dipped into my real life bag of tricks to come up with the plot line. I've used the "repeat after me" device a few times (involving the line from Day the Earth Stood Still even), and its always fun to do. This time I focused on a really annoying trait that some people I know have, and that is reciting what they are writing when it comes to private voice mail. I've learned that if I want to keep ANYTHING a secret, NOT to leave them a message as anyone within earshot will learn about all the details.

I figured that was as good as any excuse to make a caption involving a hot secretary with long legs, etc .. It wasn't written, but you COULD make the case that his secretary was part of some sort of coven, and wanted to advance by making sure their bosses were no longer in positions of authority.


I feel bad for not posting a more substantial blog post today, but I was quite busy at work today (preparing the annual reports for the fiscal year-end meeting in a few weeks) don't feel that well and I have to to finish up my last piece for the 3rd Haven eZine, an answer for an advice column, "Ask a Mistress". At least I THINK its my last piece. I'm always a sucker for helping Steffie when she asks. I have already made a few "adverts" to help space out the TG/TF stories in columns and perhaps something else I'm possibly forgetting. I believe its already over 50 pages, so I'll let people know when its out, especially since a bit of proceeds go toward helping to fight cancer.

Hey, the blog has been viewed 900k times as I write this! Sweet!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For the next post or two, any particular caption content you'd like to see (other than pregnancy since I did that one a month back and no one commented on it)? It doesn't have to be a strict category, it could be something like "big tits" or "tight fitting jeans". Trying to get a gauge on what people want to see next. While I'm asking, any discussion topics you'd like me to touch upon or elaborate further?


  1. Hah! I remember a couple of years back making you a caption with that line in it. heh, I think I like this one better.

    And what I would like to see? umm.. Hot lips, thong panties. *giggle* how's that?

    Hope you get to feeling better sweetie! *kisses*

  2. Why don't they ever call me and have this effect. Absolutely would adore wearing nylons, high heels and pretty dresses, skirts and blouses to work everyday. Good one!

  3. Nice cap! I'm not sure if this is the one I'm thinking of or not, but if it is, it really brought a smile to my face on a bad day.

    Caps to post? Hmm... lets go outside of my normal prefs and see some football. College football is done for the season (and I don't watch Pro ball), so I would like to see something to cap off the season (pun intended).

    And discussions? How about something a little more inner thought than actually creating caps. What drives you to cap? what makes you go into Photoshop after a bad day, or posting a cap and not getting the response you want. Is it fantasy? Challenge? Helping others? Creative Outlet? I'm not asking what made you want to cap in the first place, but after this many caps what drives you to continue?