Monday, August 27, 2012

.. and the band played on!

This one was made for Anastasia (and Alectra)

I was captioning on Saturday, looking through some old picture archives (I might be cleaning them out/deleting some since I'll be building a new computer in the next few weeks) just to see if there were any in there that I hadn't captioned that could speak to me. I saw this one and thought of Anastasia and how she was one of the people that came to the Haven through Alectra's website that really likes latex. That made me think of Alectra as a Pied Piper sort of TG minstrel, corrupting people all the while.

I am a big fan of compulsions, and Anastasia liked the previous caption I made for her which had the temptation be ummm .. really tempting! I figured as the band played on, more and more latex would appear on her, and yet she'd keep playing, trapping her until Alectra's magic was complete. Of course, the crowd would be affected as well What a shiny festival THAT would be! Definitely a situation where Nero fiddled while Rome burned!

I hope that Alectra likes this caption as well, since it does have her as the agent of change, and 'she' is in the background of the picture. Everything just seemed to fall into place for this one, as preferences fit right in with what I wanted to do.

So anyway, I think the moral of this story is to go through old folders occasionally, as you might find a story you hadn't thought of before!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often is too often when posting to your own blog? What do you think should be the bare minimum that will keep people coming back for more? Should it be a predictable schedule, or just at random times?


  1. Sexy cap! I'm sure both Anastasia and Alectra will enjoy it.

    I'm not sure there is a 'correct' answer to your question as there are multiple types of audiences, and multiple types of people running their blogs (even narrowing it down to TG cap blogs). Some audiences will come to your blog as often as they can and will appreciate multiple updates throughout the day. While some audiences will get burned out and only visit once a day or every few days. I'm sure there are even audiences that binge and purge just like cross dressers. They'll be come rabid fans and eat up everything you to for several weeks and then not return for months.

    For me personally, I post whenever I create something new, or have a jumping off point for a conversation (a 'Question'). I imagine this irregular posting schedule doesn't sit well with many as I may post every day for several weeks, but then go a week without a single post. But as I no longer have a back log of caps, nor a steady influx of questions, I can't (or more properly, won't) post in between.

    I think it also depends on what the person running the blog wants. If they want page views, then the more often they can post, the better. Posting multiple times a day will keep their blog fresh and encourage people to view more than the most recent cap. But if they are looking for discussions, then they need that 'new' post to sit on the top of their blog for several days.

    I've seen blogs that post a couple dozen times a year, but I still check them out. And I've seen blogs that post on a regular schedule that I ignore until I am in the mood for their content. So I don't think there really is a minimum number that keeps the audience coming back.

    Oh.. and I don't like the idea of a predictable schedule. I'm not positive that this is what you mean, but when I see 'schedule' I think of both time and day. 'This blog updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:30pm'. I don't think that type of strict schedule helps anybody. If the artists misses a scheduled post, then everyone immediately gets concerned 'Is she in trouble? is she sick? has she abandoned us? is she just late?'. That will also lead to posts that are 'less inspired'. I'd rather have the full force of the artists on a random 'when shes ready' schedule, rather than have a week post that meets a predetermined schedule.

    1. I didn't even think about the "missed a scheduled post" aspect to it.

      When I was writing the discussion question, I was thinking more along the lines of perhaps making 3 posts at a time and then staggering them out over a few days, since I believe Blogger allows you to make posts ahead of time.

      My thought was that sometimes I am not always in the mood to post, but if I hadn't in a few days I feel like I'm letting people down and sort of "owe" it to the readers. Then there are other times when I have multiple ideas and discussions I want to talk about and don't want to crowd them together in a short frame of time. In the past, I've tried to write out a skeleton outline and email it to myself for later use .. then find that I am not as GUNG-HO about it and it falls by the wayside, since the wind is out of my sails.

      I think that I would LOVE to post 4-5 times a week, with 2 of the posts being some sort of discussion with a decent amount of feedback from commenters. The other two would be whatever else comes to mind, but as long as I have some good Dee-bates and Dee-cussions going on, I'd be pretty happy.

  2. Tough question!

    Speaking for my audience experiences, I tend to check whenever I'm on blogging myself and have some spare time - these days that is not at all predictable. I use my 'feed' to see who has updated and who hasn't and check out people that way. One blog I follow binge-updates and others are more "one a week" style (though not necessarily that regular). I must be poor for page views as I tend not to comment on every post of the multiple-updates-since-I-last-checked people.

    As for blogging, I have no idea. I secretly (ha) aim for 15 a month because I did that in the first month. No other reason. Not captioning much means a much smaller audience than most of luminaries that grace this page (absolutely no sarcasm intended!). I guess I'm with Caitlyn, I enjoy posts that are made by people who are "in the moment". Mind you, I have been naughty and scheduled posts in the past, I see no reason why you wouldn't if you have a high-activity patch.

    In short, though I love your captions, 'tis the dee-bate and dee-scussion that brings me back time and again.

  3. Gawd, I missed this one Dee... :P

    As Caitlyn said I would fall for the sick scenario. I was very sick indeed there were a virus in the air and a bunch of people around here such as myself got sick, but fully recoreved now don't worry. :)

    I have to say that I'm pretty impressed you chose me for a caption story, that should make me go high for awhile, you just released the monst... nevermind *giggle* Thank you, I really enjoyed being an agent of corruption. Hell We all enjoy it that sort of scenario so is a win - win situation!

    For the question:

    I just post whenever I feel I have something good to say, if not well it could take me a week or two or a month even. More or less my followers are advised of my University student status or whenever I'm sick or just gathering ideas. I try to be as informative as I can. So I "try" to be a "regular" poster

    Ouh just for a new reminder I got my DSL connection today so no more lags, slow connection or whatever. I feel like in the XXI Century again hehe

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra