Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Give Directions to Strangers!

Something skanky this way comes!

Mother and father always told up not to talk to strangers, but sometimes we end up helping someone more than we'll ever know! I made this caption have a bit of a Mr. Grey feel, for those that remember him from the Mind Control Archive. He would just walk around places and make indiscriminate changes to people just to fuck with them and more so to amuse himself. There was no back story per se, and never really showed too much of the after effects other than the initial change. Very visceral and in the moment, and I enjoyed that style of story: perhaps some of that spilled over into my psyche and influenced my caption making?

This isn't going to be a long write-up, as I'm trying to put the final touches on my roster sheet for tonight's Fantasy Football draft with people from the Haven. Its the 3rd year and it seems like a lot of fun. Its a head to head competition and the loser had to make the winner a caption within the next week or two. My team is called "The Dee-stroyers" since that is what I hope to accomplish. There are some people involved I know really well, like Bren and Dalene, and others I hope to get to know better as the season goes along. Everyone, wish me luck!

Damn! Faith Hill is FINE!


  1. I'm not familiar with "Mr. Grey from the Mind Control Archive".... I can't say much for the "style"... It's almost zen... The "style that is no style".... No backstory, no follow-up, just a description of the moment of a random transform? People really go for this sort of story?

    Hot pic, though :)

    1. Well, he did have some more fleshed out stories, but he sort of specialized in "Mr. Grey walks into the mall, has all the doors locked, and changes people randomly."

      He has twelve stories in the MC archive .. ... those are all pretty coherent viable stories.

      He also had a pay site in 2005 or so. There is a tribute yahoo group in his name, where people write "Mr. Grey" type stories, including someone known as Mrs. Grey.

      He hasn't written anything in probably 5 years (I think he graduated from college!) but gave his blessing to have all his old stories published there in the yahoo group.

  2. Instant transformation through auto-suggestion? Interesting concept, I like it!