Friday, March 23, 2012

Rainbows are visions, but only illusions .. Rainbows have nothing to hide!

I had the background for quite a while, and wanted to use it for something really vibrant.  AnneOnimouse had made me a sweet caption on the Haven, and I was in the mood to make a sweet one back. When I saw the background just sitting there, I thought about the whole "Double Rainbow" meme that had made its way around the internet last year. That gave me the idea and I wanted to write a straightforward but descriptive caption that was the written equivalent of a rainbow.

I, of course, had to name it after some words from one of my favorite songs from childhood, and I still love it.  Honestly, I can't imagine someone not loving the Muppets. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Oscar the Grouch, and my favorite as a child, Grover, are just truly magical creations.

Anyway, I really enjoyed making this caption, Best thing though was in the comments. Victoria Hyde had the most perfect reply, "Anne is now an amazing technicolor dreamboat!" Oh how I wish I had come up with THAT line. It'd have been the best zinger! So, Victoria gets my "Dorothy Parker Award for Caption Commenting Excellence in the Field of Excellent Caption Commenting" which we call "The DPA for Ceitfecc". Still working out the kinks of that, which is exactly what Dorothy Parker would be doing if she was alive today!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I have another semi-serious discussion lined up for Monday or Tuesday, so we go lighthearted tonight. Who is your favorite Muppet? If you were a Muppet, which one would you be? What about some of your favorite captioners, which Muppet would THEY be?

This song won THE OSCAR this year! Woohoo Muppets!


  1. Hmm... I think my favorite Muppets have always been Fozzie Bear and Rowlf the Dog. Fozzie because he never gave up. He always thought his next joke was just going to kill. He was going to rip out that joke and the audience was going to die laughing. And no matter how quiet it was or how much Statler and Waldorf dug into him, he was always ready with another joke. Rowlf I always liked because he just kept his cool at all times. Plus when I watched the Muppets I was just amazed that a puppet could play the piano.

    Now if I were to be a Muppet I believe I would be Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. Not only because he works on science (and like Fozzie he doesn't let set back after set back reduce his enthusiasm), but because that would give me the perfect side kick!

    Now, I couldn't possibly list my favorite captioners, but here are a few that come to mind.
    Alectra: Gonzo (Very Unique)
    Dee: Animal (ADD)
    Jennifer: Sweetums (sounds scary, but heart of gold)

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I just spent 40 minutes watching muppets video's on youtube. The favorite that I hadn't seen before:

  2. My favorite muppet for years, has always been gonzo. He was a weirdo and he knew it! he embraced it and made it work for him, finding a niche for him self. Plus, he always was trying to blow him self out of cannons and was a snazzy dresser. *giggle*

    I never really thought about what Muppet I say my my self as. And thinking about it now, I can't really come up with anything, for me or for other people. i would need to think on it I think.

    But, My favorite moment from the Muppet's would have to be when Alice cooper was on the show and performed welcome to my nightmare. loved it!

    @ Caitlyn.

    Sweetums. *giggle* Sweetums was great! and i loved how he would come in and be the final word on any problem they were having on the show. If I remember correctly, that was usually by eating them? Dang, now I want to see the new movie and get that sweedish chef kitchen play set I wanted years back...

  3. @ Caitlyn

    Gonzo was my favourite :)

    Unfortunately I didn't watch enough episodes of the muppets (teleñecos) to get myself an opinion of how was the show. We were more introduced into Sesame Street (Barrio Sesamo) just because the muppets took too much to be aired into a public emission, in Spain it was aired for a private emission therefore those that didn't have pay per view television we couldn't watch it :$

    Although my favourites were Kermit (Rana Gustavo in Spain), the two old guys from the theater, Peggy and the two scientists!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. I had not seen the rainbow conection video since the movie came out many many years ago. Thank you for reviving that memory.

    My favorite muppet would have to be either gonzo or beaker. They were both so expresive and fun. My favorite skit however was pigs in space. It was great. The one I most identify with would be kermit. His quiet despair and nobility really spoke to me.

    I have enough trouble deciding who my favorite csptioners are. Im really not sure whom they would be as muppets. lol!