Sunday, March 11, 2012

2nd wedding .. and honeymoon too?!?

Originally when I posted this on Rachel's Haven, my exact quote was:
Hope you enjoy this .. had a bunch of bride pictures, but this one just came up and i was all DAYAMN!!
This was made a few years ago for Christina. Sadly, she seems to have become one of many that used to be involved with the Haven, but dropped away when real life intruded upon her fantasy realm in TG land.

In my head, everyone who disappears from the TG scene is gone because they've found exactly what they were looking for and no longer need our little community. Perhaps they have found their caring yet firm dominatrix, or gotten their wish come true when they dropped an enchanted coin into the magical wishing well. For others, it was either a passing fancy, or their real life was enriching enough that hanging around in TG circles took away from other things that were much more important to them. One person I knew VERY well has such an important job its almost 24 hours a day, with training others or just doing her own job.

The sad truth though is that many are no longer with us due to real life dealing some people a crappy hand. I know of people that lost much of their stuff due to Katrina, and had to almost start over again.  Others had issues at home with family members who found out about this side to them and weren't supportive. Some are serving their country in faraway hostile lands, just hoping to make sure they come home in one piece, and dreaming of being a woman could mean the difference between paying attention and losing a limb. Lastly, there have been some that have become quite ill, or shaken off their mortal coil.

I am so glad for all the people I've met in the TG realm, whether they've been there with me from the beginning, or just started out a few weeks ago. I value all my long time friends, and wish them continued success in all they do, as online personas and the genuine person they present in the real world. I look forward to new people, and the fresh perspectives they'll have on topics I've yet to discover, and viewpoints that will make me ponder new challenges.

And to those that aren't around anymore to read what I'm posting here .. I cherish all that we've shared. I hope that whatever you are doing, its exactly where you want to be, and that I was a small and memorable part of your life's journey.

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  1. Gorgeous pic and great cap, Dee. Being one of those who had disappeared from the Haven and only recently returned, I can sympathize with those whose real life intrudes upon their fantasy. It took me quite some time, but I think I've finally found a good balance between the two worlds. I, too, wish the best to those who have moved on to bigger and/or better things.