Friday, July 29, 2011

Blondes are gullible .. and regrets!

I mentioned regrets in the title, because I was trying to pull out captions from the past to post, letting my newer ones age a bit before discussing them. I figured that I could just snag one and wonder what I'd do differently if I was creating the caption RIGHT NOW, in July 2011.

First off, this was created as an award for a caption challenge back in June of 2009, to raise money for the Haven's bills (wow, that sounds familiar!) and it was won by Cassandra Angel Windancer Jingleheimer-Schimdt (I don't want to shout but, "Hey, that's my name too!") She's into weaponry and things like that, and the model's name is/was "Blond Ninja" so I figured I would have to make some sort of reference to it.

The regret I have is that I didn't go as over the top with this as I should have. Its a one note joke, and should have included some of the most ridiculous plot twists and turns I could think up, possibly while drunk. I know that I could have ended up rambling, and I can't imagine a bimbo following all too closely, unless perhaps I mention a unicorn. All bimbos love unicorns rights? Still though, while I'm not unhappy with the caption, it had so much potential, and I pretty much wasted it.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are there any "universal" rules when it comes to bimbos? I mean, vampires aren't supposed to be able to go out in daylight, are afraid of crosses and garlic, and have to be killed by various special tasks and tools. What sort of folklore do we have when it comes to bimbos?


  1. A classic to fool a Bimbo with whatever "convincing argument you can come up with" ^-^

    Uhmmm that's hard to say as there is seem to be many kinds of Bimbos...

    We have the "clever Bimbo": won't do a math equation okay, but, it can gain whatever she wants.

    We have the Airheaded/Ditzy/"Witszy" Bimbo: Whatever that was once in her head is long gone...

    We have the crazied for sex and wantom slut Bimbo: "Nuff" said "giggle"

    We have the "apparent Bimbo": Just like the first, but this gal is lying to you ^-^

    But I think for an overall universal rule could be:

    -Blondes (Classic and automatic despites of the times, but believe me blondes being stupid is not true at all...I've seen brunettes being far more stupid "giggle")
    -Looks (always that schoolgirl or slut look also with a lot of make applied)
    -Customs (Talks a hell lot about boys and going to shop anytime)

    But that just my idea of Bimbos as I imagine them ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Folklore when it comes to bimbos? Man, if this is the kind of legends we will leave behind for future generations.. Well, I'm not sure if we screwed up, but I know witches and vampires are better suited for legends.

    Let's see, Bimbos are always chewing gum and blowing bubbles right? When I think of bimbos, I always picture them twirling their hair and chewing grape bubble gum. They also are easily confused or irradiated and easily distracted.

    Is that the kind of stuff you're looking for?

  3. @ Jennifer

    There could be an actual Vampire sort of Bimbo who started to bring the mischief into the blondie heads around the world ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. When I think Bimbo folklore (and I don't think about it often enough!), I always picture the bimbo thinking she is smarter and more serious than she really is. She is amazed by hard hitting news (like Black Friday having good sales), and had a train of thought about 2 cars in length. She is beyond easily distrac... Hey look at that cute guy over there *giggle*

  5. I see a classic bimbo as blonde, long legs and big breasts. She's dumb and easily suggestible, giggles, has a high voice and chews gum. She will do anything for anyone as long as they treat her right. She loves shopping and is very sexually free.