Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Keep it Watered .. and other stuff

This is one of the first few captions I had ever made for Courtney. I think I've made over 20 now since she joined a few years ago. I found it while searching through all the captions I've done for her. Tomorrow is her birthday, and I wanted to make sure I made her a caption that didn't repeat any themes I've covered before. I mean, this is the third or fourth BIRTHDAY caption I've made her, and I've done a slew of others. This caption is pretty elegant in its simplicity, and its very good for the "early" period of my work. I'm not sure that my current design scheme would make it any better, as the words directly on the photo make it seem more intimate and "in the moment."


Well, one good thing about this blog is that I continue to have more followers than posts. It was getting close there, but in the last week or so I picked up 7 or 8 people. Glad to see that more people are wandering here and liking what they see. I have my core group of friends / commenters which I cherish, but it is nice to see someone I don't know pop on and enjoy what I've been creating.

I am wondering why some people pick "post less like this" ... sometimes it seems like there are one or two people that RUSH to the current post and dislike it. I post, and within 30 minutes, there is 2 votes for that in the blog. Not sure if its random people trying to be douches, or if they honestly dislike something. If they did, I wish they'd either comment on the post, or at least send me an email. Its a vague choice anyway, but you never know if its a "random drive-by shooting" or if they didn't like the caption, or perhaps what I wrote along with it.

In other news, my jeep is dead and I'm without wheels.  Need to find something quickly. The GF's car went down on the same day, but luckily it was only a thermostat issue. If I had a decent amount of money (or good credit) I'd be able to find something reliable, but its hard to do when you've got limited funds and no method of getting around because you're jeep is dead! Arrgghh!

I felt the need to treat myself after this shitty week, so I bought a half pound of lobster salad for 6 bucks at the local seafood outlet. Its incredible stuff, and I can usually get 2-3 lobster rolls out of it. I just finished eating one with some chips ... Ahhhhh, much better mood.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you do when you want to caption, but you have a sour mood? I know that Caitlyn has covered it in her blog, and Jennifer has mentioned music that gets her going. What other things can you do to get things rolling when its been a horrid day, week, etc .. ?? What do you do when you want to pamper or spoil yourself?


  1. Well, besides music. (And I owe duran duran's electric Barbarella my thanks for my newest cap.) Mostly role playing will do it. When ever I start to cap, I'm more then likely role playing as well. I've been playing in YIM and at DX for a good while now and I've been getting back into caps.

  2. Wow, hot cap. I think she's more likely to 'groan' than grow! Hehe. I really like that one!

    I sympathise with you on random sniper ratings. I can only assume that if someone does that, it's because it's not the sort of caption they like. Now what annoys me is that, yes... you might for instance not like 'Cross Dressing' captions, but that doesn't mean it's a 'bad' caption.

    Anyway, on to your question. When I'm in a bad mood I simply have to go for a walk somewhere nice. Luckily I don't live far from the coast and the crash of the breakers and the sounds of the waves is a sure way to relax me and get me feeling positive again.

    Of course, if I want to make myself feel naughty, I sometimes go for a walk wearing lingerie under my clothes so that no one can see. If I ever get knocked down the paramedic will sure be in for a surprise... hehe!

  3. I am especially looking for what the readers do when they want to spoil/pamper themselves!

    For me, its usually culinary .. either I'll whip up something delicious or decadent, grill an Omaha steak (mail order company with the BEST meat. Even their burgers are heavenly!) or get a big plate of sushi (both nigiri and maki).