Sunday, May 8, 2011

"How Dare You!" and a question

I must say that although I haven't had an prodigious amount of captions produced in the last month, there have been many that I think are some of the best I've done in a long time. Because of that, I want to space some of them out over the next few weeks here on the blog. This one above was something from awhile back, but its a topic I visit time and again because it does have a timeless appeal. What sets this one apart I think is the last line. The timid nature seems to get more defiant, and possibly sets the stage for a rivalry that the wife didn't expect at all.

Here is a question from Alectra:
Dementia your last post was quite interesting. Do you think you could make a section once per week or month about reviews of olds series, blogs, movies, anime, songs and the likes?
Are you looking for a basic discussion of what I like when it comes to pop culture (movies, music, etc ...) or more captions posted in here regarding how I used said pop culture to infuse my personality into the captions? In general, are you asking me to open the curtain up and let people peek inside Damien's personal life?

I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with it, but I would think that most people don't particularly give a toss whether I find a certain movie or album appealing. but I'll open it up to the readers here.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you think I should do as Alectra asked in the formspring question? What form should it take if I do, and how often should I do it? OR do you just want me to keep doing what I am doing right now?


  1. Do what you feel most comfortable with. Your creativity is not in question. Jest pick the direction you want. I like Alectra's idea.

  2. Well i was referring to the first:
    A basic discussion on what you like or what not, i was asking this because sometimes i get ideas from your posts in here in cultural references or music and the likes ^-^
    So we may get new ideas on the loose if you do that :3
    Making captions about them sounds right to me too, but i would like you to stick to the first, but it's your blog do whatever you want with it :3, i was just making this suggestion because i saw in many of your caps lots of references to pop culture, movies and the likes...
    Blog reviews should be fine too, because even if you don't believe people tend to follow your suggestions :3 (no i'm not asking you to review my blog) and it doesn't have to relate to the TG it could be about others kinds of blogs and people could share her/his findings :3
    Hope you like my idea
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Dee,

    My initial reaction is to say 'No, this is a TG cap blog, and should remain so'

    But I'll admit that I read a lot of what you have to say, and it inspires a reply almost every time. I don't think I follow you and respond to you just because its TG related... I follow and respond because you are creative, and that comes out in your posts.

    You could write up a post about how you like your fresh vegies cooked on an open flamed grill, and I would probably still feel compelled to respond, and possibly offer up some suggestions.

    But that would also entail you sharing more of your life. Right now we all collectively enjoy 'Dee' even if we know 'Dee' is just Damien with his mask on. The more you share, the more we would get to know Damien, and that means less and less of YOU that is private.

    I enjoy and covet my privacy, (MY PRECIOUS!) so I would never be in favor of pushing someone to share more than they want to share.

    But if you do.. I'll stay along for the ride!