Friday, May 6, 2011

Well she'll ransack Pakistan and run a scam in Scandinavia...

Hmmm, 2 captions for Jennifer posted in a row?!? Wonder how that possibly could have happened.

Anyway, Jennifer had made me a caption based on Freakazoid, and since I am probably one of the elite Pop Culture TG captioners out there, I knew I had to step up my game a bit in the return caption.

Occasionally I will go back over the archives of pictures I've downloaded to see if there were some gems I never got around to using before (to make a caption for a newbie with some cool preferences.) I came across this one, and immediately I knew the whole plot. I mean, literally my brain said, "Do it, Rockapella!"

I just knew that Jennifer would love it, but was sort of shocked it was such a culturally important show. The fact that Alectra knew who it was felt great. I figured it'd be yet another caption I'd have to explain to Martha. I guess it was an easy game/cartoon to translate. Anyway, I am glad that this caption would keep me in the pantheon of Pop Culture junkies!

The comment that tickled me the most (other than Jennifer's which made me gush) was from Jillisa:
I don't know whether to groan or kiss you for this whole thing. Loved loved loved watching Carmen because I'm a big geography geek.
I will definitely take that response every time. The fact that its up to 7 comments in only a few days means that it connected with people on a few levels. The familiarity with the source material married to the obvious TG aspect of, "I get to be a sexy secret agent!" worked really well here.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  What other kids shows made you wish you could be one of the characters, specifically the female ones? Many of them did do brain swap scenarios or plots of that nature, like a freaky Friday type of thing. There has to be a few people out there that wanted to be Jessica Rabbit or Hello Nurse! Perhaps Wonder Woman on Super Friends or She-Ra?


  1. Uh? Dee, Martha must have live under a rock or something ^o^...

    I can even remember the part of the bridge in Spanish :3

    Busco a Carmen Sandiego, Carmen Sandiego, donde se encontrara, buscando a Carmen Sandiego, Carmen Sandiego and so on ^o^
    Esfinge, Mona Lisa, La Torre de Pisa, Avignon, Partenon, me dareis su direccion and repeat the first part :3

    Maybe not the most imaginative song, but it was catchy and on top of that sung by a tenor and a pop soprano :3
    Goods times, indeed...

    I also have watched Transformers, GI JOE, SONIC,Power Rangers, He - Man, Animaniacs(Loved the part of pinky and brain(what are we gonna do today brain?, like we do every night pinky, try to conquer the world :3)) Looney Tunes and so on, even if you don't believe it, American Cartoons come more easily to Spain than Japanese or German :3

    As for the females characters from GI JOE i liked the Baroness of Cobra, she was so powerful and commanding it was better than the others, which i considered dull and artificial characters, don't be offended on this :3
    And from He-Man, Evil-Lyn was my favourite more than skeleton, which by the way was more popular than He-Man here ^o^.

    I know they may be the first choice of anyone, but they are my favourites, the best of those shows were the advice... that got me laughing everyday

  2. I think I always liked the idea of being Lady Jaye or Scarlett from G.I. Joe. They were pretty and rather handy in a fight for sure. Plus Lady Jaye was pretty snarky for a 80's cartoon. Also The Baroness was a fun character, and it didn't hurt that she was a master of disguise. If that's not a TG draw than I don't know what is. To quote one of my favorite websites "she's couldn't be more nerd bait if her breasts dispensed Mountain Dew"

    Another favorite was Faye Valentine from the anime series "Cowboy Bebop". She's a classic in that she's a beautiful, a trickster type and the kind of girl you wouldn't expect to be dangerous. It's a combination I always find alluring.

    Overall, I was usually drawn to the more slick, cunning girls on shows. I didn't like the evil for evil's sake, but I liked the ones who worked almost outside of the usual framework. There were a few acceptations (Lisa Hayes from "Robotech" for example) but the girls who were just as badass as the boys were fun for me.

    Perhaps the ultimate TG dream cartoon girl would be the anime heroine Cutey Honey. She could transform herself instantly with disguises and could fight too. Honey Flash!!!!

    Ok, done with my geek moment. This does make me think about the caption I did for you using Pinky and the Brain however.

  3. I really enjoyed this caption, it brought me back so many fun Saturday mornings and game show afternoons on the TV. And This question is just awesome! I have had plenty of female characters over the years that I wouldn't mind resembling.

    So, Let's start with those Saturday morning cartoons. specifically, the X-men and spider-man from the 90's. I always loved rouge and her southern accent, she could even match the strongest members of the x-men in a fist fight and fly around to boot. I also liked that even though she was very independent and strong, she had a hint of wanting to be romanced and treated like a true southern belle.

    And Mary jane from spider-man.. Well, what could i say that probably hasn't already been said a 1000 times already. She's has a great girl next door vibe, but could be a supermodel on a Paris runway anytime she wanted. She always seemed to enjoy flirting and knew she was a bubbling sex pot of hottness, But didn't really rub it in or overly flaunt it either. And she's a red head!

    I have to mention the white queen from the x-men, I think simone would probably enjoy her character alot. I know I did! She did know she was sexy and used it to her advantage every step of the way. heck, her powers mostly revolved around manipulation and getting guys to do what ever she wanted. This is probably also the first time I liked anything to do with BDSM, from her outfit to her personality, even down the hellfire club she was apart of had roots in the S&M. Of course, I didn't really know that back then, I just knew she was very pretty and had the best outfit ever!

    Something a little more current, Washu from Tenchi muyo. Everyone else either likes ryoko or tsunami, but I wanted to be the universe's greatest mad scientist! She had a huge ego and was always up to something that caused tenchi a lot of grieve. (even trying to obtain a sperm sample and giving him the choice of, her hands, cleavage, or her mouth. sounds like me right?) She hid behind a mask of a younger version of her self, but turns out she was at one time a goddess with tremendous power. She also was a wonderful mother to her child And just check out the crazy pink hair! very eye catching.

    I would want to look like the baroness, Jessica rabbit, fay valentine, and even the nurse from Animanics. (hellooo nurse!) But since you brought up the body swap, i just have to mention power rangers even though it's not a cartoon.

    My favorite ranger was billy the blue ranger, But of the girls of course I liked Kimberly the pink ranger. Around this time I was aware of my fascination with Being the opposite sex, So imagine my surprise and tremendous delight when they had a body swap episode! With billy and Kimberly of course! heh, it was even an episode with a genie villain, the show had it all!

  4. First the caption: If I was Jeremy I think I would plan my revenge around the bad guy wanting her body back. Some strategically placed piercings and slutty tattoos along with banging some big guys until I was both loose and pregnant would be a good revenge. (Of course If the bad guy changed his mind about wanting his original body back I would have screwed myself. Literally)...

    Now the discussion question: Despite the comment I JEST WROTE. I don't want to switch genders. Not really.. well... maybe I do but only to try it out... aww hell. Ok jest turn me back eventually. .... maybe.

    I never wanted to be a female cartoon character. No my thoughts tended to be about being dominated by a few of them. From GI Joe there was Scarlet and ESPECIALY Baroness. I still have dreams about her tying me up and having me tongue shine every inch of her leather while she wears it. (EVERY.. INCH! ha ha ). Hmm its nice to finally admit that. odd.

    I also was drawn to Sheila, the sexy thief that can turn invisible on the Dungeons and Dragons TV show. The robotic maid from Big O. Kagome from Inuasha. And Misty from Pokemon. No not Jesse. Misty. It always seemed like she had a lot more pent up lust then slutty Jessy anyway and taping that lust got me going.

    Want to talk about sci-fi women now? ha ha ha

    Oh and Frakazoid rocks. It reminds me of The Tick!


    @ Mistress Simone. Yes but if you had to be either Scarlet or Lady Jay, and then had to fight over a strap on dildo, whom would you be and then who would get to be top? ha ha

    @ Jennifer. But washu is sooo short! ha ha ha And the power rangers, really????