Monday, June 29, 2020

Three Virgin Guys .. and a Magic Rock!

I think that Damien kid could be a great lawyer if he wanted to be!

Figured I would post this .. something that was originally uploaded here a little over 5 years ago. And unless you are Ian or Caitlyn, who both commented back then, it is probably new to you .. or you wussed out and didn't say a damn thing down below! Well, now's you chance to make it right!

Here is what I had to say back in June of 2015. Seems like 10-15 years ago now, doesn't it?

Made this one for Milky, another newbie to the Haven. I had this picture saved, as I knew it had all the elements of a photo that could drive a good TG story. The girls look good, and the guy looks generic enough (I had thought about cropping out his head, but honestly, he's pretty damn generic!) that he doesn't get in the way at all .. and we don't have close up gynecological exams going on either.  It's a straight up R rated caption, mostly because of some tits and the girl is obviously still riding his dick post coitus.

The "hard" part was in coming up with a way to have the 2 women transformed while there is still a guy there, and have it be a trapped TG element, but with a more coerced feeling to it, since the picture does seem playful.I had originally thought about having it be a guy bugging his girlfriend to have a 3 some with his best friend, and she agrees .. but has them all swap gender so she gets to have all the penetrative fun. Perhaps the best friend likes being a female so much that he doesn't want to swap back. I was pretty sure that has happened at least a few times over the years in TG captioning and/or TG fiction, and I didn't have a twist or parody to make it the slightest bit original.

Once I had the plot, I realized that I need all three people to talk, hence the 3 different color text to differentiate. I remember Cory/Cori aka Wannabestuck loves setups like this, so I wrote her into it. I wanted it that way, mostly so I can name check everyone, but also because I really didn't want an evil villain monologue. Don't get me wrong, Damien is a complete dick here, but a wall of text with the exposition is not what you want to read, and truthfully, they were all friends just looking to have gotten laid at least once before hitting college, going into the army, graduating high school .. whatever 80's teen movie convention you'd like to use. To me, Damien was doing more of a, "better YOU than ME! Sucks, don't it buddy?" and that he definitely didn't want to be a female, even for a small amount of time, and definitely not having sex with a guy while being one. Don't tell me that everyone out there didn't have a friend exactly like this, that would take advantage of any technicality. If you don't, then you probably were that friend!

Anyway, that is pretty much the story of this caption. I like it because it has a naughtiness factor, a trapped / stuck factor, the trickster factor, and a bit of alpha male in it as well. Reviews on the Haven have been favorable, and I hope everyone here enjoys it too! Let me know if you like it!

I think I've evolved a bit since this one was made, but it still has all the hallmarks of being something that I definitely created.


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    1. Thank you sweetie. Please take care of yourself, and come out the other side healthy and safe!

  2. OMG was it your birthday??? I didn't know....but a belated Happy Birthday from me and the Mrs.....wishing you all the best despite everything that 2020 has thrown at you!!!!
    Oh and the cap was really cute too.....there's always one isn't there....
    But I'm really not sure if he won or lost....

    1. Yeah, I became another year older. Thanks!

      I think that is how I differ now, from back then. The definition of winners and losers have changed a bit I think!