Thursday, February 20, 2020

Tiffany Irving .. Is Born to Lose!

.. but not if someone else can help it! Come inside to see why this is not QUITE a bench caption.

Well, I mean, it *IS* a bench caption in the sense that the action is taking place on a bench. And maybe it isn't the bench at all that is doing the magic, but something else entirely. Or there could be a bunch of different methods of how people transform when they are in the presence of benches?

How the hell do I now? I just created the universe. I know not of its rules and consequences!

Tiffany posted on a caption today, and I had this one ready to roll, just needed someone to participate (or be the victim) in my plot, and since I only needed a female name .. she's now starring in a caption! Figured she might enjoy a silly little bench caption.

Nice boobs .. I mean, nice boots sweetie! You might need to find your own minions to keep that body for much longer! I'm sure you are resourceful enough to figure out a way to keep up appearances!


So, my text here is a bit different from my usual setup when I'm captioning in a text box to the left side, the right side, or above and below. When I do the text ON the photo, I have to make sure that the words are legible, and don't blend into the photo, making it unreadable. Darker colors are ok, but don't work well with text shadows, so I try to avoid them at all costs. I also tend to use is a border around the letters to make it stand out against the background. These two things can really help make your words stand out, like they are jumping off the page.

The other thing I did that you may have noticed is that that text is staggered on the right side, a bit down from the top of the caption. That is to make sure people don't try to read a paragraph to the left THEN head over to the right hand side to continue a story that doesn't continue there. I believe it's a technique used in comic books, and I've used it to great effect on my works too. In this case, I think it does a good job of getting readers to go down the left hand column, THEN read down the right hand column. I lose a bit of space for more dialog, but there is much less confusion for viewers .. and the less of that, the better for me!

I have been so happy to see so many comments recently here! Warms my heart up a bit! We are so close to 7,500 comments in the 10 years or so this blog has been open in August of 2010. Whether you were around when I started, or just started .. whether you've commented once, or a thousand times .. I appreciate everyone SO MUCH and love you all!


  1. I'll have you know that I've been glued to your blog since your last message, frantically refreshing to see what tonight's cap would be. Actually, know that I've said it aloud it seems a little embarrassing, so I'd appreciate if everyone could go back and un-read that first sentence.

    For what it's worth, I really am enamored with the crushed velvet and buckles on those boots. That said, since the buckles are silver, I don't think I would've personally gone for a gold/copper necklace. The look on the model's face is so evocative too! It's got this smug, self-assured aura that really sells how flawless she thinks her plan is.

    As for how I plan on getting out of this situation? Well you can bet your bottom dollar I'm not going to be looking under that bench. In fact, I probably won't be going back to that park anytime soon! Hmph, I can't believe Sally would stoop to such lows to thwart my cunning plan!

    1. I'm sorry, Tiffany, I know it's playing dirty, but I just had to make sure I was the last girl left sitting. You can try and go home, but I think you'll find the contents of your purse carefully scattered around the stone . . . and those soon-to-be-boys are VERY motivated to help you find it. If it makes you feel any better, I am kinda looking for a boyfriend who knows what it's like to be a girl. Somebody to dress up and look pretty while he makes a woman out of me. Maybe it won't be magic, but I promise you it will be magical. :)

      Great cap, as always, Dee! I can just picture all those girls scurrying around the park on a desperate treasure hunt to regain a bit of junk they're better off without anyway. It does kind of make me wonder what happens after they all switch back. Does the magic sort of reset, and the benches start transforming unsuspecting boys all over again? Are there any rules about siting a second time, if somebody like Tiffany wanted to 'fix' the 'fix'?

    2. Well, it looks like the two of you need to settle this somehow .. perhaps a jello wrestling contest? Winner gets to stay female.

      And glad you both enjoyed it. The look on her face is the main reason I wrote the caption the way I did, well that and the women walking far in the background finished the story in my head.

      And once again, I really don't know the rules. How someone found out about the gemstones itself and the conditions surrounding it is a mystery for another day! Maybe it's not the way it's been said, and they are all stuck like that regardless, and in fact, each gem makes the new women fall in love with the first male they see? Sounds good enough for me!

  2. Fun cap, I think there will be a lot of disapointed former men in the park and two happy girls.

    For me it wouldn't matter if you stagger the text or not, my default setting in reading is left column down first, then I go to the right column. Only if the second paragraph doesn't make sense I jump to the right first. As a result I never tought twice about staggering the text deliberatly. I will keep it in mind from now on though.

    1. The direction in which to read can be confusing a bit. Comic books sometimes will throw in a curve as to where you go next. I think that the more captions you read, the better you are at context, but there's been a few times when reading others' works, that reading it a different way does alter the way the story proceeds.

  3. There have been a few caps I've read....not by you Dee...where the reading order is a bit confused because of the layout....but if there's two distinct "columns" it's very clear. At least it is to me....
    As to the cap I'm just going to say that after the big change I just went and hid and everyone seems to have forgotten let Tiffany and Sally fight it out....whoever wins will be awarded with the real last gemstone....then I can be the one who gives "awards" to all the winners!!!!
    Love it Dee....MORE BENCHES!!!

    1. SO, now we have THREE people NOT fighting over gemstones! I think I need to get some popcorn and watch the drama!

      Bench captions are a lot like Shamrock Shakes. Around for a limited time .. and for good reason. Don't want to overdose on them, cuz they'll make you throw up with too much exposure! I've got one more right now to give out when I'm finished with it. I just need a participant aka victim.