Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How Do You Say, "We're Fucked!" in French?

Well, I think you need to come inside to learn some of the language of love!

Made this for the Premise Caption Contest on the Starz Caption Contest Blog. She is retiring and running two last contests, and I wanted to be a part of at least one of them. If you'd like to try to do one, CLICK HERE! This is for one has a theme with the following premise:

This contest is based around ideas I've kicked around but never completed - each image has a baseline of a story written below it. The goal is to emulate a "request" from a viewer, where you have an image/part of an idea but not the full story. I am curious to see how you can finish the stories I could never complete and interpret my loose thoughts into something of your own. Obviously my thoughts may not fully click with your own ideas, so don't let this restrict you too much - feel free to send in any cap based on these images/storylines as you see fit!

And the picture is the one I am using (of course!) and here is the blurb / baseline request of "(Two schoolboys begging teacher about something)" and if you notice there is a binder that says "French 101" on the desk. Perhaps you didn't notice it right away, and I don't blame you if you didn't see it!

It happened to be the first one in the list of a bunch of pictures and it grabbed my attention. As I wrote in the email to her as I submitted it, "First photo I saw, and thought, 'obviously they are begging to stay as female students!' but then I took it into Photoshop and something a bit more sinister came along." It went more to the lines of, "It's a French Class, but not REALLY a French Class .. at least not for the teacher it isn't!" BUT did include the initial idea SO the readers would THINK that would be the case. It certainly ISN'T though.

It's a immersion class, and there was so much time built into acting like side mistresses, they didn't have time to learn actual French. And instead of being deported, they'll be STUCK there if they don't pass. I didn't say this was the most logical caption on the planet, perhaps it's got some internal logic I haven't quite figured out yet! Lastly, I made them she-males because that's a Starz specialty!

I assume it won't be posted until after the deadline on June 17, so it's exclusive here until then. Comment on this and tell me how YOU would have used the picture ... and/or maybe make your own from the other pictures she provided, just use the link *I* provided up above!

I'll be posting again on Thursday night as Wednesday has Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final for me to watch, and hopefully New England will have yet another championship to celebrate. Go Bruins!


  1. Methinks that teacher has some sort of ulterior motive . . . like she'd rather have a couple of delinquent shemale slaves than a pair of graduates. Oh well, nothing to do for it but make sure she's happy so they don't get sent to detention!

    1. But all my antagonists have pure motives! They'd never try to trick or force someone to do something against their will!

      Only have 2 responses so far .. hoping people will take the time to go and babelfish the ending! LOL "Stupid Dee making a stupid bilingual caption! When I asked for more Bi captions, this WASN'T what I was looking for!"

  2. Now if that was my teacher way back, I wouldn't have minded failing French, but I surely would have put maximum effort in the things she would teach me.

    Fun cap.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! I'm getting antsy right now. Only about 90 minutes until the puck drops in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals!

  3. Hmm....I suppose that the fact that she's still using the masculine forms of the nouns and adjectives is proof she feels they still have a ways to go.