Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be Dee Mentia ...

.. then always be Dee Mentia! Well, that can be true, and also not true, for me. How about you?

Well, I made this caption for me because I wanted some filler for nights exactly like this one, where I had a long day, and will probably have another one on Thursday. I got home, grabbed something to eat, and now I'm about to watch Game 3 of the semi-finals, of course rooting for the Bruins.

So this is definitely one of those times where this caption comes in handy, and would work well in real life as well. Occasionally we need to step outside ourselves and just chill out. I'm hoping that will be coming up towards the end of the month, when I get a few days to head out and just do stuff without any pressure or deadlines .. an oasis of time in the middle of a hectic storm of activity. Not sure I'll get to be Dee-vie Nicks, but I'll take the mentality with me wherever I go!

So, while I cut this a bit short so I can make some snacks and flip to the hockey game .. what do you all like to do for fun? Also what do you do to relax and also get out some aggro?!?

Love to hear about hobbies, spots you like to visit to get in touch with yourself, etc ..

Please leave comments below for this self-referential blog exclusive!


  1. Definitely agree with needing some stress relief from work. It’s crunch time at my job so there are lots of deadlines too.

    Hockey is one of my ways to relax too. I’m a big cinephile as well so that’s how I spend most of my relaxing time. The show Chernobyl on HBO has been my biggest fascination currently. It’s so good!

    1. I have no problems bringing the "real world" here into captions, but only to make the fantasies seem more natural. I know it's quite ironic to to do that, but it works fairly well for everyone I think.

      Hockey is cathartic because things can change so quickly, you have to really pay attention. I love football too but there are enough time between plays to calm down and breathe!

  2. Um, those unwilling guys don't get the benefit of preferences and demands. Put your foot down, super sexy witch boots and all (seriously, I LOVE the boots!), and remind them who is in charge. You need to relax, take the pressure off, and enjoy your new maids and servants your way, not theirs.

    Get out, relax, and enjoy yourself. You've totally earned it. Me, I just like to get outdoors somewhere, wander along the river, hike through the trees, and explore off the beaten path, away from everybody else. I can feel the stress and anger just fade away with each step.

    1. For your first paragraph, I love that you caught a whiff of just what I was talking about. The captions are all about the recipient, so in essence, their preferences are "topping from the bottom" to use a BDSM type term. You are playing with only the tools they allow you to when you create a caption for them. There is that irony of them being changed against their will in the caption, but only in the ways they wish to be in that fantasy world.

      I am not quite complaining, as I love to make things for others, but not all preferences are created equal when it comes to making captions. For instance, I truly enjoy Jezebel, and would make caption after caption for her if they didn't have some sort of fae / mystic realm to them. I can do pregnancy captions, but if I've made that person 10 captions already, I'm not sure I want to do an 11th one unless I can make it different than the previous 10 I've already done.

      So, it can be a combination of narrow preferences and my own creative will to make new stories, with twists and turns that can burn me out sometimes. But I love doing this, so it makes me punch up a caption like this that'll have fun with it all and become Dee-vie Nicks!

      I would love to go out into the woods more often. I'm finally fighting back against allergies by taking immunization injections and perhaps I'll go camping again soon .. something I haven't done in years. Too much city living, and not enough nights out underneath the stars! I'm definitely up for a hike, but need to change out of my stompy heeled boots!

    2. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I guess captioning really is like topping from the bottom. They want you to use and abuse them, but in their way. On the flipside, just asking to be feminized gives you no direction, which risks a caption that doesn't connect. The more I think about it, the more you deserve that break. ;)