Sunday, July 22, 2018

An Office Party to Remember for the Rest of Someone Else's Life!

I don't think we see enough of this sort of angle enough in TG captions.

Wanted to make a caption and try to see it written out through another person's point of view. I don't think we see enough of this sort of angle, and I found it a bit refreshing to create. I am hoping that people will like it though it is a bit different.

It did seem to hit a soft spot on the Haven, as it's gotten 3-4 comments so far, which is above average .. most captions get a reply from the recipient, and maybe another from someone that isn't the creator.

For those that weren't quite following what I wrote, don't worry about it too much. Many of the responses were about things I hadn't thought about when I made it. For me, it was about the future Isabella wanting to get laid, and how the current Isabella was plotting to make the change happen.

She was so sick of being eye candy and not taken seriously, she was going to give up her entire being to do something else. Plus, at the end, as a topper, she finds out that she LIKES changing people into other things .. perhaps she will be doing much more of this in the future? That was something that didn't occur to me until I was finishing up and getting ready to polish it and submit to her trading folder. She probably threw all the photos into a dropbox for later viewing. Who knows whose consciousness is going to inhabit each body? Another whim and a possible twist of fate. So much randomness, but it is apparently worth it to the old Isabella.

And so, we don't have ANY of the feelings or thoughts from her target, which *IS* the recipient of the caption. How does this impact you as the reader? Do you sympathize with him, or the current Isabella? Is it easier to project your TG kinks and preferences to him if he is more of a blank slate, since you KNOW that he's going to become her? Let me know what you think in the comments. There could be so much discussion here about this caption, its design, and its implications.


  1. You're right - we so rarely get the swap/transformation from the perpetrator's perspective, unless it's after the fact. I like seeing the mental process, the hopes and dreams and uncertainties. Well done!

    1. I tend to see it more in fiction format. I know there has been a few that I have read on Amazon over the last few years, along with a few on Fictionmania. I'm guessing it is rarer with captions because they tend to be more personalized.