Thursday, May 10, 2018

Nylons or Pantyhose .. The Path Is YOURS To Choose!

It's more about the feeling and choices you make regarding them.

Made this caption for Addie Klein yesterday, which was a good day to caption. Since Wednesday, I've made 6 captions so it looks like when I do get some time, I can be productive!

It helps when you find good pictures to work with, and I liked this one. The pose was revealing and focused upon the garters, the model seemed engaged in a discussion with an off-screen person, could be wearing a wig (she's got a common hairstyle) and she seemed built well enough that you could suspend disbelief in that this was a cross-dresser.

(For those looking for design ideas, you'll notice that I have the model towards the middle of the caption, leaving much of the 'dead space' to the left. If the picture was placed to the right, with text to the left, there would be a big void of 'negative background' not needed, and it would keep the focus of the picture far away from the text. If you want more discussions on this, please let me know!)

I tried to go more sensual and sexy instead of cruel .. honey usually stings much less than vinegar .. unless you get it from the hive! Don't think Addie could have gotten away with lying either. I think mistress knows her sub by now! All part of the plan, lay out intricately beforehand, made to trap him up eventually. Poor thing has no idea what's coming next! Do you? Tell us in the comments!


  1. OMG, there's nothing like proper hosiery with a garter belt, and I love the suggestion of girdles and corsets to come. Such a beautiful picture, and such a sweet (slightly naughty) caption to go with it.

    I might have suggested he might want to worry more about easy access to his ass, but that's just my kink talking. :)

    1. You don't want to tell subs ALL of your plans, do you? IN THE END, they'll figure it out!