Saturday, May 12, 2018

35 Percent Reduction in Everything!

Maybe next time we'll listen to those conspiracy people talking about those crazy people in the UN!

Not sure if Spring is finally here and the allergies are starting to get to me, or if I've gotten a spring cold/flu because I have been dragging ass for 36 hours now. I think perhaps the latter because I've also been dehydrated, to the point where if I lay down for too long (I have to because I'm exhausted) I get muscle cramps in my calves. AARRGGHH. Trying to drink enough but I end up just pissing it out anyway! Hate to think I'd have to go to the doctor's just to get an IV. Such is life!

Anyway, this was made for Olivia Lovely recently, and I thought this caption would fit well with her preferences. Not really a political statement made here, other than we seem to have had our extremes of the political spectrum not only expand further outward, but have dragged the middle with it. Make out of that what you will :)

Otherwise, it's a cute little harmless piece of TG fluff, which is something I consciously try to create, mostly to balance out the sometimes dark pieces that come out of my brain. I think I am going to try to go lay down again, but one thing I'd like to reiterate again .. this picture PROVES that no one should wear sandals with socks, from 90 year old men to redheaded teenage girls. It just isn't part of the circle of life or anything.


  1. Are these stats true? Certainly seems feasible and frightening to consider. If so, and they invoke this system, I volunteer as tribute!

    1. The first part is definitely true about the US being 4.4 percent of the world's population by way of Google, and the 2nd part I found, that most sites list the US consumption of the world's energy at 18 percent.