Sunday, March 25, 2018

It Seemed Like a Sure Bet at the Time!

Anyway that I can get money flowing into the Haven and keep it running will get my support!

Nadine has been posting pictures that she'd like to see captioned for her, and offers to donate 5 dollars for each one created AND you get 2 captions made by her back for your effort. I would do it just for the donation, but getting captions back as well just sweetens the pot so much I just have to chip in whenever I can. This will be the 3rd one I've done for her this month, so that chips away at the amount to run the Haven by 15 bucks.

I thought the picture was pretty hot and I knew I could do something with it. My thought went to a bet that didn't involve being a woman at all, at least not on the surface of it all. The bet was that by the end of the month, the bettor would have a belly button piercing. Very simple, and most guys would leap at the chance. Why would a man even THINK about that option?

Well, yeah. Make him look and think like a female, and it changes the odds much more in favor of it happening, since I would think that 98 percent of those with a belly button piercing would be girls.

Just keep nudging Henri along enough to the point where he thinks and acts like Nadine, and maybe you've got something. It wouldn't have shocked me if Dee had made a side bet with someone that she could turn Henri into a lesbian woman willingly.

I don't know who won the bet, or even what they were wagering in the first place. Your guess is as good as mine, so let me know in the comments what you thought the stakes were as you read the story through. What other story ideas would you have come up with if you were supplied with this same photo Nadine gave me to work with?

I should be back with another caption on Sunday night. I want to keep this activity up as much as possible as I think I've been making some creative captions over the last week or two. Hope you all feel the same way!

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  1. I Think the solution to this riddle if Dee could not influence his free will then one of her many minions might have done it?