Sunday, February 25, 2018

The End of a Dress Up Session, or The Start of a Date? Why Can't It Be Both?

Please make sure you read the caption first as I don't want to give away any spoilers!

Made this one for Lacysliplover on the Haven, and I tend to often push her buttons, usually a touch beyond what is comfortable. Something about the topics she enjoys just stimulates the brain and makes me write stories I don't often do, sometimes to the detriment of the plot when it comes to her preferences. I am not sure but this one probably went a bit too far, as she hasn't replied yet, and it was posted a week ago. I waited until today to post because I wanted to see if she'd reply, and captions like this, where there should be a discussion, tend to do best on a Sunday night.

As per the mention in the posting, I had about half of this done in caption format for her about 3 months ago, and then I was stumped about how to go on with it. Left it alone until I pulled it up again last Sunday, when I was able to look it at with a fresh perspective. Changed quite a few things and then ended up packing a lot more than meets the eye here.

I posted this part under a spoiler alert, so make sure you've read the caption first.

Is it more of an internal construct that Lacy thinks things are changing, or is there a magical transformation happening? While I hope it is easy to figure out that the wife did SOMETHING to Lacy, I wanted to leave the "what?" up to the reader. It is an actual physical change, or just his perceptions? Even more, what came first? His desire to dress up in women's slinky clothing, or Her desire to be with a girl with something extra, and which really fed the other?

Also, I wanted to play around a bit with something that can become the elephant in the room .. our private fantasies and whom we share them with. From what I can tell from the profile and preferences, Ron's wife does not have an idea about his dressing or desire to do so .. and from being in this scene for quite a few years now, understandably so. I took more of a positive approach to it, in such that he is getting his desires met .. he just doesn't honestly know that he is, which is also a bit of a punishment. When writing it, I thought that the memories of everything he did with his wife would just be thought of as a vivid kinky dream. And also, at some point, she will let him in on the whole thing. "It's amazing that we've been lucky enough to avoid him so far. Ron is SOOO clueless, isn't he?" I thought a "punishment" was fairly devious, don't you?

Since it only received one comment, a nice one from Shauna Marie that thought it was pretty hot, I figured that the blog might generate more talk, since we usually go more into detail over captions than the standard Haven crowd. What do you think was happening in the caption, and how does it relate to some of the realities of life that I brought up with it? Does bringing in reality into a caption heighten the appeal for you, or does it repel you as you try to escape into a fantasy world? I am not quite sure even how I fall into these thoughts. I'll go into more detail as people comment and I can compare and contrast what you think with how I am seeing things on this end. Hope to see you in the comment section, even if you just want to talk about the caption itself.


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  1. I read the caption as the wife wanting a feminised husband and Ron was having nothing of it so we see the last part of the magic kicking in.
    I do wonder that there must be thousands of vanilla couples both really kinky in their fantasies but never daring to tell each other.. I believe the secret is to introduce things slowly. OH look darling there is a wetsuit with the butt cut out, a tutu and three large marrows by the bed. How did they get there?

  2. Getting careless when you are this dressed up has its consequences. Lucky, a accepting wife is there to encourage more wearing of sexy lingerie.