Friday, February 23, 2018

The Art of the Unenthusiastic Deal .. Who Picked Up Who?

As usual, I wrote this one ambiguously so it could be read in two different ways. No, really Dee?

Made this one for Matt/Martina who doesn't really like to stay a female in captions, preferring to either be able to switch, or being trapped for a certain period of time. With the idea I had, I thought that her preferences would fit this well.

I had two plot ideas in mind and wrote it so that both could be legit without canceling out the other.

One was that Martina is a body that traps the last male to have sex with her inside, and they have to wait 30 days before being able to escape into another male's body .. by having sex and swapping with the next man she sleeps with. This trope has been in stories before and this was my take on it, and it likely goes back centuries.

The other was a possible she-werewolf situation where Matt was recently infected and this was his first time he had to be sated during the full moon .. have sex or be stuck like Martina until the next full moon. That means she's not really into it .. well at the moment. Perhaps when things heat up, it will change but the apprehension is very much there. Does the guy become a she-werewolf too? I haven't the foggiest, though if that does happen, they better live in a HUGE city, or they'll run out of normal guys soon enough!

I like both scenarios and perhaps you could come up with a third that would fit. I just thought those two ideas worked well on a picture that honestly felt like she'd never seen her legs looking that sexy before, and was quite distant .. a mood you wouldn't expect to see on a model's face in a professional photo. Something about it just triggered the ideas and made me write the stylized banter between the couple, which is definitely not standard flirtatious lines and banter back and forth.

Since bantering is one of the things I love to include in captions, why not do some bantering with me? Tell me which version, or one of your own, that you would have come up with for the picture in the caption. Could you ride it out as Martina for a number of months, or change back as soon as you can do so? If you tried to escape the Martina curse, how picky would you be to pick out a mate?


  1. I have never been a fan of the She werewolf caption so my caption befuddled brain went with the curse past on option. Maybe if you don't get out soon enough the occupier gets zone out on the bodys looks and feelings.
    A third option would be that the guy gets turned into her stockings and gets to admire those legs from every angle.

    1. Great alternative third option. I know a few people on the Haven that like being turned into inanimate objects. Will have to keep that in mind for future captions!