Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The East Coast Is Being Overrun with Bimbogenesis!!! Get Out Your Pink High Heeled Snow Boots!

Don't use all that salt to melt the ice .. We need to save some for the pink margaritas!

Well, supposedly a blizzard is coming our way on the East Coast, and pretty much all of it is going to be affected, from lows in the 20's for Florida up to 18-24 inches in Maine and New Brunswick. We got introduced to a new snazzy weather word the other day .. Bombogenesis! My spell check doesn't identify this as an actual word, but hey, you can find definitions everywhere .. just so you don't think I am making it up so I can pervert it and make a caption out of its perversion!
The “bombogenesis” effect, also known as a “bomb cyclone,” was first described in a 1980 scientific paper by the late Fred Sanders, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It occurs when a storm’s barometric pressure drops by 24 millibars in 24 hours, greatly strengthening the storm. The effect is seen along the northeastern coast every winter, but this storm will be particularly powerful, said Judah Cohen, a visiting scientist at MIT. “This one is unique in how quickly the pressure is going to fall,” Cohen said. “The pressures could rival a Category 1 or Category 2 hurricane.”
When I first heard it, I jumped to the very obvious conclusion of what would happen if that word was just one letter different. Then I put it to work along with my idea of placing weathermen in precarious places for higher ratings. "We now go out to Blake Hardjaw, out in a wooden row boat paddling out into the center of a vortex created by a category 5 hurricane. Blake? You look a bit seasick!"

It was fun to make, and bimbo logic is interesting to create. I also learned that the most famous of those weather chasers for the Weather Channel .. his name is REALLY easy to make into a drag queen name. It pretty much writes itself! And what can I say that I haven't already said before back in September during hurricane season?
Last weekend was spent watching what I like to call 'Climate Porn' and the Weather Channel indulges that part of my like a dealer supplies a junkie! Nothing like watching a bunch of moronic yet 'smart' middle aged white guys tethered to a pole and/or talking to a camera with googles on, walking stiffly into 80 mph wind gusts. Then they cut to smartly dressed women in the studio who walk over to the 10 foot tall map so you can see them completely, from made up hair to highly stacked heels. The Weather Channel certainly took the cue from Fox News to get their women anchors as hot as hell and horny about atmospheric conditions!
I have already been dismissed from work on Thursday so I can work at home, doing all the wonderful annual reports that need to get done for investors, etc.. and be printed by the middle of the month, once all the financials come in, That and shoveling snow. Hopefully it will be nice and quiet, and I've got some food put aside for the slow cooker too.


  1. I love it - I hate the winter and hate the snow, but that made me smile. Bring on bimbogenesis . . . and what channel can I find Jem on?

    1. I think we got at least a foot, though it could be that the wind is blowing it everywhere. Not looking forward to trying to dig out tomorrow.

  2. I know I would regret it if it happened but I would love 24 inches of snow. The trouble is here a couple of inches brings the whole place to a stop its so embarrassing!

    1. Yeah, we tend to do 6-8 inches OK, but more than a foot can be rough anywhere!

      Hmmm, that sounded WAY too dirty!