Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year, a New Body, and a New Mindset for the Future!

This year will be the best one ever, and the optimist in me always believe me when I say that!

The realist says that we are all one step closer to death, but who wants to live forever?!?

Welcome to 2018, my faithful readers! Hope you were treated to an awesome holiday week filled with lots of cheer, family, friends, and mind-screamingly hot orgasms!

I thank you for making me a regular thing in your busy schedule, AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for making December 2017 the MOST VIEWED month for my blog EVER! We beat out January 2015 by almost 1k in views. We aren't doing the same amount of volume as Sept 2014 - Jan 2015 (I was seeing almost 150k a month in that stretch!) but for a standard month, we did 163k this December.

If you'd like to skip the political rant, please move ahead to where there is a "************<---------->"

What a way to send 2017 out and bring in a more hopeful year. It's good to have hope, and I sorely needed that at the end of 2016. What do I want to see more of in 2018? A new way of doing things. Out with the old and in with the new. Baby boomers have fucked up the world enough as it is. Get the fuck out of the way and let the 1st two generations that haven't had it better than their parents take the controls. Sanders is over 70, as is Trump, Clinton, and Biden. The old guard has blocked true progressive thought for too long now and sold themselves out to the highest bidders.

Diamond sales are plummeting. Car sales are stagnant. Homes sales are below estimates. Chain restaurants are losing profits. Cable companies are having trouble retaining customers. It's "The Millennials" that are to blame, they bleat! No shit! You saddle them with the worst depression since the 1930's, huge amounts of student debt with limited jobs that pay in the real world after graduation, impossible credit scores to obtain decent mortgage rates if they'll even risk offering them ... then gut regulations to protect the fresh air, clean water, and fix the environment. Trust me .. they KNOW they are getting screwed, and aren't going to be in a good mood when they have to fix all the shit that the Boomers have burdened them with.

The irony is that they are starting to actually become more like the older generations. They cherish locally sourced products, free from chemical shit, and good customer service. They care about fair work for fair pay, and would prefer their clothes and technology be slave labor free. They see the landfills closed and are recycling whenever possible and re-purposing at an alarming rate to the consternation of retailers. Look how much grief Apple is getting for sandbagging their batteries on older phones? All this scares the big corporations, and that will scare the government.

We've seen it for years now. Those in charge, grasping for whatever grip they can continue to hold, knowing that their time is slowly changing, and the future looks nothing like what they wish to see. Trying to keep gaming the system in their favor. The eyes of the young have been watching and waiting, learning the rules, and are getting ready to roll the dice.

I like to think that 2018 is the start of that tipping point.


This caption was made for Brittany7 and is the first caption I've made IN 2018. I have a few left from 2017 I haven't posted yet here or on the Haven. I wanted to make a New Year's caption so this photo made me think she was either hungover or tired .. and I'm not sure if you've noticed ... all the stores right now are pushing fitness / exercise gear as this is the time for resolutions! THIS YEAR I am going to get skinny / healthy / into that bikini and look great! How far do you have to go to actually achieve your goals? Apparently pretty far if you are starring in this caption!

Feel free to comment on either/both the caption and/or political rant. I had to get that out after stifling quite a bit of opinions over the extended family's dinner tables this past week or so! We should settle down here on the blog in the next day or two as we go back to the weekly grind! Stay tuned!


  1. Brittany7

    I feel honored that your first cap is thrown my way. Well I'm healthy, a lot wiser but now all I need is the wealth for a rockin start to the the new year.

  2. Is it a no meat diet arf arf !
    Well you know by now my optimist in me taking time of with depression. Not sure you can blame the baby boomers they had the Summer of love with all the bright plans for the future
    but that fizzled out to same old same old. There have been plenty of revolutions and isums but here we are. I am sure there are plenty of millennials that are into to money, power, nepotism as in the past. But not to be a complete buzz kill Lets hope they prove me wrong.

    1. Most of the millennials that I know do vote, and they have show up to protest things they are against. I see that they are much more active in politics than I was at that age. As a Gen Xer, I've been more of that "whatever. They'll all the same. What can you do?" But then again, when I was their age, the Baby Boomers were all 45-55 .. now they are like retirement age soon.

  3. On your rant, I like the optimism.

    I worry that the controlling sections of society have successfully raised apathy to art-form and fashion, there's a general shrugging going on, a belief that things can't be changed because they have always been thus and will never be changed. The references to the Summer of Love and the failures of the 1960s, the 1980s and the 1990s to change things for the better... they add up.

    I dearly hope that you're right. I hope that the current youth can roll the dice and do something a bit different. It can't be worse than what we have now.

    Oh, and yes, Happy New Year!

    1. From what I saw as far as research from the 2016 election, most people 50+ went with Trump or Clinton as their first choice. Many young people either held their noses and voted against Trump more than pro-Clinton .. and those that couldn't even vote for her because of how she screwed over Bernie Sanders, they went and voted for a 3rd party candidate.

      And I think that is what is going to happen as the youth get older. They will see a 3rd party as a viable option, as opposed to older folk who feel like that is throwing away a vote.