Thursday, November 30, 2017

Three Cheers For the New Reform School!

Would there have been any doubt that this caption would be for Courtney Captisa? Nope!

Quite post tonight as I have just got back from the dentist and my jaw is achy as hell. Found the picture a few weeks ago and knew it would be for Courtney Captisa, proprietor of Courtney's Clean Caps, a link you can find in the left hand column. I mean, you can see it right on their chests.

As I wrote in the original post, "Wanted to let you know I enjoy your work, so get some more books published! I thought you'd have an army of femme boys doing your bidding by now!" and since that time, she has published the latest TG Mall story, so thank me for pestering her enough to finally release something again! My recommendation is to get pretty much all of them, though my least favorite dealt with a pregnancy. Not quite up my alley, but it was still well-written.

Just a little bit of fun and I like the idea of that sort of invisible shield, like a zapping dog collar, to keep the students in line. Other than that, it is just a standard caption that does nothing really new, but still appeals in an old comforting way, like a perfectly fitting shoe would.