Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Living a Simplified Lifestyle!

Who doesn't want to slim down their routines and live a simplified lifestyle ..

.. without complicated things to clutter up your space and your mind?

Luckily there are mentors out there to help you!

This was made for Jeannie. The basic form of the photo was composed of a minimalist palette of colors, from within the walls, the outfit, and everything else within it. That triggered the story for me, as I remember recalling something Johnny Cash had said, that he decided to wear all black because it was for the downtrodden, but also it really made it simple to get dressed in the morning!

I know that we have those Home and Garden TV channels out there, with lots of programs on how to de-clutter your closets, simplify your lives, and I guess in New York, they have lifestyle coaches that do the same thing on a personal level. That ended up being the inspiration for this caption.

And it does simplify his life. Why worry about a real job and all the choices and decisions to be made? You are now a call girl, and you have sex.  Let your client decide what type of sex, and for how long, how much, and just go for it! Men very much are creatures of habit, and I bet every dude out there has their favorite sweatshirt, underwear, shoes, golf club or ball mitt .. which are way beyond repair and yet .. it stays in the closet! And who wouldn't like to be less aware of what is really going on? Smart people have more stress and it can weigh down on you.

I think Jenni is going to be much happier and more comfortable in that new lifestyle. No worries .. so Hakuna Matata should be her new mantra .. if she knows what that is!

I need to make some more captions. I've got a few more in the pipeline, but one is for the Christmas season and another is a contest entry for another blog which I don't want to post until all the entries there are received. I'm sure you'll like them both, but it makes now sense to post them yet.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: CD/TG people tend to be binge/purgers when it comes to feminine items. What would you never throw out, or what are you really attached to that has much meaning for you in our realm of TGness? What have you obtained, thrown out, and then possibly snagged again?


  1. Mystique or no (and I happen to think getting creative ideas from an image that is then fashioned into a caption is pretty mystical), this is a good caption. I love how you work the palette into things and run it through the backgrounds, I think it is most pleasing to the eye (well, my eye).

    On the discussion topic, I have heard this a lot. And I can relate. At home I never binged in the first place though I did make things out of string that I would regularly throw away, so that kinda counts. My first knickers were anonymously given (I think as a joke) and I ended up throwing them away too. I built a wardrobe slowly around the time of my middle girlfriend and then purged a large amount as a show, however meaningless, for my wife. But I didn't chuck everything and have rebuilt since.

    I think, in my own limited example, it's more an 'urge' thing that is in constant competition with my parsimony. I cannot entertain the notion of throwing away things that cost a fair bit to gain in the first place and were slowly accrued. Your mileage may very well vary!

  2. Binge and purge, guilty multible times. I remember pre net days getting catalogues and
    sending orders. dreading that the name and chegue would give me away, would they be having a laugh? of course you think you're the only one in the whole wide world doing this sordid thing.
    older wiser but fatter so doubt any ff it would fit now. Larde shoes i found were always hard to get so I always kept them.